Unlock Nature in Wilmington!

After getting out in Alapocas Run State Park, I thought about all the other gems in the city that allow Wilmingtonians to enjoy the outdoors. Here are some top places in the city to wander!

1.Rockford ParkThis park offers tennis courts, paths, wooded areas and off leash dog park, in addition to events like the Flower Show, and pop ups from small businesses.  The 100 year old Rockford Tower is an iconic landmark that opens up to beautiful views (when it’s open).

2. Brandywine Park- Another great place to get out and get active! This park features the Jasper Crane Rose Garden, Sugar Bowl, Swinging Bridge, Brandywine Zoo, and Vietnam Memorial.

Brandywine River view from Alapocas Run State Park

3. Alapocas Run State Park- Mostly paved paths for walking, running, and biking, this park’s 191 acres to date also has a location to rock climb, waterfalls (if you know where to look, and the Can-Do Playground, the first Boundless playground in Delaware, which gives children of all abilities the opportunity to play.

4. Cool Spring Park/Reservoir– In 1872, the City paid $56,875 for 6.5-acres, and plans began for a 40-million-gallon reservoir to be known as Cool Spring. In the 1880s a park was added to the site. From the early 1920s until 1949, the park hosted the annual Wilmington Flower Market until it couldn’t accommodate the growing crowds. The park is a peaceful meeting place for those to walk, run, bring their pups, or families to gaze at the vast reservoir. 

5. H. Fletcher Brown Park- Located downstream from Brandywine Park, H. Fletcher Brown Park is the smallest of the parks in the Wilmington State Parks. The park features an overlook with scenic views of the Brandywine River as well as the historic millrace that provides a good portion of Wilmington’s water supply.

6. Kentmere Parkway Deeded to the city by Mr. and Mrs. William Field in 1895, Kentmere Parkway serves as a half-mile long greenway between the Brandywine and Rockford Parks. Mature trees are seen along the green median and historic estates line the roadway.

Sculpture at the entrance of Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park

7. Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park- Overlooking the Christina River, this park is an ideal location for 5K runs/walks, recreation and relaxation. It is also the site for many music festivals including the Riverfront Blues Festival, Bob Marley Festival, and Hispanic Festival. The park is named for Thomas Garrett, who gave refuge to slaves traveling the Underground Railroad, and for fellow abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

8. Jack A. Markell Trail- featured in an early vlog, the JAM connects 7.9 miles of trails from Wilmington’s Riverfront down into historic old New Castle!

9. DuPont Environmental Education Center & Peterson Refuge- The DuPont Environmental Education Center hosts virtual and in person activities, and you can access the 212-acre Peterson Refuge from here! 

10. Blue Rooster Co Op The Christina River sure is beautiful to look at, but it’s a completely different story to BE on. “A taco truck, but with kayaks’, Owen at Blue Rooster Co-Op will meet you anywhere on the Christina River you want and get you set up with 2.5 hour tours of sights you may have seen from land, but are breathtaking from the water!

11. Delaware Center for Horticulture In the heart of Trolley Square, the DCH’s mission is to inspire appreciation for improving the environment through horticulture, education, and conservation. Tour the open gardens or volunteer to help with community forestry or urban agriculture!

Where do you like to enjoy a quiet moment in the city? Comment below!

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