The Best Scenic Views in Wilmington, DE!

We are lucky to live in a city full of natural beauty and incredible architecture. This time of year it is especially important to take in the sights. We are sharing our favorite scenic views around Wilmington that you should check out!

1. Riverfront Wilmington– With lots of businesses and a breathtaking view of the Christina River, this is one of the best locations in the city to stretch your legs for a relaxing walk. In addition, the riverwalk includes plenty of native foliage and benches.

Photo-Worthy spot: The Hare Pavillion overlooking the river!

2. Rockford Park– Explore the open green spaces, off-leash dog park, paths, and wooded areas of this scenic park. Also, a trip here would not be complete without stopping by the historic 100-year-old Rockford tower.

Photo-Worthy spot: In front of the historic lookout tower!

Jasper Crane Rose Garden at Brandywine Park

3. Brandywine Park– Located along the Brandywine River, this is the largest urban park in Delaware. To go along with the beautiful landscape there are always runners, cyclists, and other Delawareans enjoying the park.

Photo-Worthy spot: We love the Jasper Crane Rose Garden, which has been beautifully maintained since the 1930s.

4. Valley Garden Park– This trail is the perfect quiet spot to enjoy the Wilmington wildlife with fields and woodlands surrounding both paved and non-paved walkways. It is especially peaceful during the summer months when flowers are in bloom alongside the trail.

Photo-Worthy spot: No matter the season, Valley Garden Park has incredible foliage at every turn, which is why it’s a top choice for photographers in the area for family portraits, wedding photos, and nature.

5. Smith Covered Bridge– This bridge is one of the most impressive architectural accomplishments in Delaware. It spans the Brandywine Creek and is a popular spot to drop a kayak or tube.

Photo-Worthy spot: Grab your kayak and take a selfie on the river with the bridge behind you!

6. Fort Christina– One of the most historically relevant and beautiful locations in the entire city, this spot is worth a visit. The flagstone walkway is a wonderful addition to the already impressive area.

Photo-Worthy spot: The Fort Christina Monument was a gift from Swedish Prince Gustav Adolf in 1938 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Swedish colonization of the area. It’s topped with a replica of the Kalmar Nyckel and perfect for a selfie!

7. Rockwood Park and Museum– With an incredible mansion and beautiful property, this is one of the premier places in Wilmington to explore and enjoy. It is an excellent decision if you are looking for history and nature. 

Alapocas Run

Photo-Worthy spot: Switch it up and take photos of your picnic spread at the Del Shakes Festival from July 15-31st!

8. Alapocas Run State Park– Take in the sights and sounds of nature at Alapocas Run. You can hike, jog, or just stroll through the park. Check out the Can-Do Playground and rock climbing wall!

Photo-Worthy spot: The Blue Ball Barn teaches you about the rich history of the area and is photo-worthy in itself, and don’t forget the blue granite cliffs (that our city’s Blue Rocks baseball team is named after!)

9. Nemours Estate– The mansion and garden here are truly amazing. Featuring a one-acre pool and impressive lawn, you will love all that this estate has to offer. In addition, the property is full of history.

Photo-Worthy spot: Choose from 200-acres of formal French gardens and grounds, and a Chauffeur’s Garage housing vintage automobiles to snap that timeless photo.

10. Hagley Museum and Library– This area is full of exhibitions like the powder yard, Crowninshield garden, restored mills, and the ancestral home and gardens of the du Pont family.

Photo-Worthy spot: The historic du Pont family estate offers a beautiful view from the garden that is perfect for grabbing a colorful photograph.

11. Bellevue State Park– Experience the beautiful grounds of this state park and all that it offers including the running track, pond, and picnic area. It is a lovely way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of work.

Photo-Worthy spot: The peaceful foliage and landscape around the Bellevue pond are perfect for a photograph, especially as the sun rises or sets over the treeline!

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