It’s Time for Pizza in Wilmington!

If you’re looking for places in Wilmington, DE to get a slice, you’re in the right place! The city has a variety of places to pick up a pie that will satisfy whatever desires your pizza dreams entail. Here’s a list of the best pizza in Wilmington, DE!

La Pizzeria Metro – Nestled in Miller Road Station right next to Wilmington Brew Works and Sleeping Bird Coffee is this awesome family-owned pizzeria. The second you walk in, it’s obvious that this place combines modern style with tried-and-true recipes to make it one of the best in town.

Staff favorite: The Wawaset Park (chicken sausage, bacon, spinach, grape tomatoes, red onion, fontina, and mozzarella)

Rocco Italian Grill – If you love pizza as much as you love sports, you’ll love this place. Rocco uniquely combines traditional Italian cuisine (including amazing pizza) with a fun sports bar environment. They were also voted the #1 in town in a poll we took this past Fall!

Staff favorite: New York-style DiParma (Prosciutto, crushed plum tomatoes, mozzarella, arugula)

Iron Hill Brewery – You already know Iron Hill has some of the greatest locally-brewed craft beers and gourmet menus around… but have you tried their pizza? Their Hearth Baked Pizza menu rivals anything in town, and any of them can even be substituted with cauliflower crust. 

Staff favorite: Voodoo Chicken (smoked gouda, mozzarella, green pepper, red onion, bacon, spicy Vienna Red Lager barbeque sauce)

Pizzeria Bardea in Wilmington DE
Pizzeria Bardea

Pizzeria Bardea – Among the many excellent restaurants in DE.CO is Bardea, from the same chefs and owners as the award-winning Bardea Food and Drink. This isn’t your normal “Grab and Go” lunch. Just look at that incredible crust!

Staff favorite: Upside Down (cheese blend, grana padano, ricotta, garlic oil, tomato drizzle)

V&M Bistro – Vincenza and Margherita Bistro is known around the state for its top-tier Italian-American cuisine and upscale chic environment. Though currently doing take-out only, their outstanding pizza lives up to V&M’s reputation as a world-class restaurant.

Staff favorite: Traditional Neapolitan (tomato sauce, oregano & cheese)

Kozy Korner – This nearly 100-year old classic diner now serves a mean Detroit-style pizza that has had customers raving. They’re also absolutely worth a visit for their famously great diner classics with a side of Delaware history. Check out our video on them below! 

Staff favorite: Buffalo Chicken

Piccolina Toscana – This “Contemporary Rustic Italian” restaurant is absolutely beautiful. Among their list of authentic traditional dishes is a pizzette menu to die for. Dine-in on their beautiful patio, grab some takeout, or even have your event catered by these culinary masterminds!

Staff favorite: Short Rib pizza  (crisp braised beef short rib, caramelized onion, roasted garlic, Fontina and melted brie)

Torbert Social in Wilmington DE
Torbert Social

Torbert Social – Ever since this hip speakeasy-style restaurant reopened last month, Wilmingtonians have been going crazy for it. One reason for this is their Stone Hearth Pizza menu, which pairs perfectly with Torbert’s equally fantastic drink offerings. Check out our cocktail tutorial with them here.

Staff favorite: Spicy Pepperoni + Green Onion pizza (tomato sauce, pepperoni, calabrian chili, green onion, mozzarella)

Cafe Verdi – Looking for a tried-and-true Italian restaurant experience, complete with seriously delicious pizza? Look no further than Verdi, which can be found right in Trolley Square. A huge list of pizza selections perfectly complements an extensive menu full of reasonably priced treats.

Staff favorite: Sicilian Verdi Special (Pepperoni, green pepper, mushroom, sausage, onion, extra cheese)

Grotto Pizza – Grotto’s is a Delaware tradition, and their instantly recognizable sauce-swirled pies have become somewhat of an icon over the years. They’ve got two locations in Wilmington and tons around the state, so you have no excuse not to try their delicious pizza!

Staff favorite: Baker’s Choice (Pepperoni, mushrooms, sweet peppers, sausage, onion, garlic and extra cheese)

Docklands Riverfront – For a classic Riverfront experience, Docklands is the place to go. Their menu is home to some great choices of personal pizzas – what sounds better than enjoying a slice by the water?

Staff favorite: Farmstead pizza (spinach, tomato, ricotta, mozzarella, balsamic)

Crow Bar – Now an integral part of Trolley Square, Crow Bar is just as much a hotspot for pizza to the shopping district as it is a spectacle. If you’re familiar with their uniquely delightful menu, you know how there’s nowhere you can go wrong on it; the same applies to their pizza!

Staff favorite: Garlic-Ricotta (broccolini, roasted garlic, mozzarella)

Gianni's Pizza in Wilmington DE
Gianni’s Pizza

Gianni’s Pizza – You know that building on the corner of 16th and Delaware that looks a little like the Flatiron in NYC? Right at the tip is Gianni’s! For 18 years, this classic pizza parlor has been making Wilmingtonians happy with its familiar atmosphere and totally killer pies.

Staff favorite: Sicilian with roasted red peppers, onions, and mushrooms

Chelsea Tavern – Wilmington LOVES Chelsea Tavern; the place is a legend to the city’s food scene. Likewise, the tavern’s pizza absolutely rocks. They have a number of saucy creations for the taking, and we’d love nothing more than to try them all. We tried the burger when we were out there last, catch our recap by clicking here.

Staff favorite: The CHELSEA (shallot garlic spread, roasted tomatoes, baby spinach, herbed ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese)

BONUS: Pizza by Elizabeths – There’s no way we would pass up on showcasing this extremely rad place. An eclectic combination of Victorian, old Hollywood, and modern, this restaurant is entirely themed around great women named Elizabeth. Did we mention their food is amazing, too (with gluten free and low-fat crust options)?

Staff favorite: Montgomery (country sausage, pepperoni, fire-roasted peppers, rosemary onion sauté, original tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese)

Check out our video on Kozy Korner and their new Detroit pizza!

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