Get Moving in Wilmington, DE!

Wilmington is starting to warm up so we are sharing our favorite activities to get out, get active, and enjoy! Check out our favorite parks, gyms, and creative ways to get active in Wilmington!

1. Riverfront Riverwalk– Take a trip out to the Riverwalk to experience this 1.3 mile Riverfront path! Walkers can take in the scenery with over 5,000 trees and shrubs, 36,000 grasses, perennials and annuals, and 27,600 wetland plants.

Nemours Estate

2. Rockford Park– This historic park is a staple of Wilmington’s community. Featuring tennis courts, walking paths, and woodlands, this park has a lot to offer. Check it out for some fun in the sun!

3. Nemours Estate– The Nemours Estate is one of the most impressive pieces of land in the area. Featuring a beautiful 77 room mansion, 200 acres of French gardens, and a beautiful garage holding vintage automobiles, it is truly a sight to see. This is one of the most enchanting places to visit in Wilmington. 

4. Fitlot Outdoor Fitness Park– Join an intro class for the new outdoor fitness park in town! This is one of the best ways to get fit while enjoying the springtime weather. The best part: all their classes are free!

5. Jack A. Markell Trail– This trail connects Wilmington with New Castle Battery Park, totaling 7.9 miles. It features an elevated boardwalk and paved pathways, the Wilmington Riverwalk, and an on-road section. If you are looking for a fun way to burn some calories, it’s just the thing for you.

Alapocas Run

6. Alapocas Run State Park– Alapocas Run is an excellent place for children to play together. It includes a number of playing surfaces and 3 multi-use fields. It is a perfect place to view Wilmington’s landscape.

7. Balance Strength and Fitness Center– This is a homegrown, family-owned fitness center located on Lancaster Avenue. They offer small group training, personal balance training, fitness assessments, H.I.I.T classes, and more. Time to get in shape! 

8. Little Nature Explorers at Brandywine Zoo– Looking for a way to involve your kids in nature? Look no further. Brandywine Zoo is hosting recurring storytime and nature-based activities for kids with their Little Nature Explorers series.

9. FranksWine’s Downhill Mile– Wednesday, May 18 Frank’s Wines is raising money for cancer by running a downhill mile for Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition and The Cancer Support Community of Delaware. Champagne will be served at the finish line!

10. First State Trail Race– Sunday May 22 Ramsey Farm is hosting a race for Wilmingtonians. Test your cardio with either a 10k, 25k, or 50k race. Along the loop there are 3 aid stations stocked with water, gatorade, soda, and other trail fare.

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