Fun & Fancy! Wilmington’s Luxury Hotels & Restaurants

Searching for a luxury weekend getaway or maybe a special night out filled with delectable food and drinks? Wilmington, Delaware delivers on all fronts, from award-winning restaurants to luxury hotels. Explore our list of top-notch destinations guaranteed to elevate your next experience in our city. 


  • Bardea– Nestled on 620 N Market St., Bardea is a beacon of culinary excellence. Renowned for its innovative approach to Italian cuisine, this restaurant garnered a 2019 Best New Restaurant James Beard nomination. Helmed by talented chef Antimo DiMeo and co-owner Scott Stein, Bardea is a sanctuary for those seeking the pinnacle of Italian cuisine. From the elegance to the impeccable service, every detail at Bardea speaks of sophistication and indulgence, offering patrons an unforgettable dining experience. 
  • Bardea Steak– Bardea Steak is a distinguished establishment that redefines the classic steakhouse experience with a contemporary twist. Recognized as one of America’s most anticipated restaurant openings in Vogue 2022 and honored by Southern Living as one of the best new restaurants in 2023, Bardea Steak has solidified its reputation as a premier dining destination. Located on 608 N Market St. is headed by the esteemed James Beard nominated Chef Antimo DiMeo, restaurantgoers have the option to indulge in Antimo’s hand-picked tasting menu. 
  • The Quoin Restaurant– At 519 N. Market St., The Quoin Restaurant offers a luxurious dining experience, where Southern French and Northern Italian cuisine meet contemporary, wood-fired flavors. Renowned for its unique 5-star cuisine, The Quoin is supported by award-winning chefs who craft each dish with precision and artistry. One cannot resist the allure of their signature cocktail, the Strawberry Fields, perfectly paired with the indulgent confit pork shank. At The Quoin Restaurant, every visit will be one you won’t forget. 
  • Le Cavalier– Led by Chef-partner Tyler Akin, award-winning restaurant, Le Cavalier, presents a captivating blend of North African and Provençal influences, offering a thoughtfully curated menu of French classics and innovative twists. Among its offerings is the alluring Tuna a la Marmitako, a dish with exquisite flavors. Embark on a journey at Le Cavalier, where each dish showcases a harmonious fusion of tradition and creativity. Situated at 42 West 11th Street, Le Cavalier epitomizes culinary finesse within a neo-brasserie ambiance. 
La Fia’s menu is always changing, giving you an excuse to come back as often as you like!
  • La Fia– Owned by Chef Bryan Sikora, a distinguished James Beard Semifinalist, La Fia offers an innovative, ever-evolving menu highlighting locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients. Under the guidance of James Beard nominated executive chef, Dwain Kalup, guests savor a symphony of flavors, including the Wagyu beef tartare and parmigiano-herb gnocchi. Located on 421 N Market St, La Fia promises to leave you with an unforgettable experience. 
  • Columbus Inn– Located at 2216 Pennsylvania Avenue, Columbus Inn is a culinary gem under the direction of Chef Ross Essner. Menu offerings showcasing American cuisine with seasonal flair, this distinguished establishment occupies an elegant 18th-century landmark building. Infusing the space with a blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication, Columbus Inn captures the essence of tradition while embracing contemporary culinary trends. 
  • Snuff Mill Restaurant, Butchery, & Wine Bar– Tucked away in Wilmington’s Independence Mall, Snuff Mill Restaurant, Butchery, & Wine Bar embodies the perfect blend of old-world agrarian tradition and contemporary artisanal finesse. This farm-to-table steakhouse with a bistro atmosphere offers a seasonal menu featuring locally-sourced ingredients and on-site butchering. With an expansive selection of wines and cocktails, particularly focusing on Amaro and Bourbon, Snuff Mill has rightfully earned its reputation as “a destination on its own.” Recognized as one of the best restaurants in Wilmington by DelawareToday and Eat This, Not That, Snuff Mill is a must-visit for any food enthusiast. Say hi to owner and chef Bill Irwin, who is regularly seen greeting guests.
  • Ciro Food & Drink– Ciro Food and Drink is an epitome of culinary excellence led by James Beard nominated Chef Michael DiBianca. Specializing in Mediterranean New American cuisine, this luxurious restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience. The best way to savor the delights of Ciro Food and Drink is through their multiple-course tasting menu, meticulously curated by Chef DiBianca himself. Located at 321 Justison St, each dish is a testament to the chef’s creativity and commitment to using the finest ingredients. 

Five Star Hotels & Boutique Experiences:

Stay in one of The Quoin’s 24 intricately decorated rooms.
  • The Quoin– Step into the world of refined luxury at The Quoin Hotel, a boutique haven where personalized service is paramount. Every stay is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a truly bespoke experience for each guest. From the sumptuous Bellino Fine Linens to the convenience of a Lavazza Espresso Machine, every amenity is designed to exceed expectations. With three distinct dining venues onsite, culinary exploration awaits at every corner. Located at 519 N Market St., The Quoin Hotel invites you to discover a world of unparalleled elegance and sophistication.
  • HOTEL DU PONT– Experience the epitome of luxury at HOTEL DU PONT, a prestigious 5-star destination located at 42 W 11th St. Combining European-style grandeur with contemporary opulence and modern amenities, this iconic hotel offers timeless hospitality. Indulge in culinary delights at Le Cavalier and Spark’d Bake Shop or unwind at the Currie Day Spa + Salon. With luxe amenities, authentic service, and a vibrant local flair, Hotel Dupont embodies the essence of the city, ensuring an unforgettable stay for every guest.
  • The Inn Montchanin– At 528 Montchanin Road, The Inn at Montchanin is a tranquil oasis boasting a rich legacy as a Historic Hotel of America. With a notable guest list including Vice President Kamala Harris, this esteemed establishment offers peaceful grounds, stunning gardens, and luxurious accommodations. Indulge in restorative treatments at the onsite spa or savor culinary delights at Krazy Kat’s Restaurant. Whether exploring the historic surroundings or enjoying the serene ambiance, The Inn at Montchanin promises a memorable retreat where history meets luxury in perfect harmony.

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