Find Your New Fave Breakfast Spot in Wilmington, DE!

Everyone loves a solid breakfast or brunch spot, and our town has a lot of classics. If you are looking for delicious food and drink options for your mid-day meal, we have found you a few new favorites!

  1. The Chancery – The Chancery Market has 7 options of menus to choose from, and a wide variety of different foods on each of them. However we recommend the breakfast/espresso menu

         Recommended: Sunny Slide Up Crepe 

  1. Scout Cafe – At Scout, they stand for “Coffee, Community and Local”. If you’re in the mood for brunch around Wilmo, we recommend them. Take a look attheir coffee & food menu here!

         Recommended: Avo Mash Faire Cafe

  1. Faire Cafe – Faire is a local and house-made food cafe located in Wilmington, DE. They have a great selection of coffee, food, and drinks. Be sure to check out their menu here!

         Recommended: Midtown Faire 

  1. I.M Coffee – I.M Coffee is located in the renowned I.M. Pei building in Downtown Wilmington. Their goal isto bring people together over craft coffee, and freshly prepared foods. Take a look at their menu!

         Recommended: Iced Macchiato 

  1. Chelsea Tavern – Chelsea is one of Wilmington’s premier gastropubs! Located across from the Grand Opera House they prepare made-from-scratch comfort food and have a full brunch menu

         Recommended: Breakfast Nachos 

  1. Corner Bistro – With one of the most unique menus on this list, you will have plenty of options to choose from here! They use farm-fresh ingredients to bring customers quality products. Here is their menu!

         Recommended: Cubano 

  1. Bellefonte Cafe – Bellefonte has lived by the motto “Great food, Great Music, Great Atmosphere” since 2002. Their Sunday brunch hours are noon to 3 pm with music beginning at 12:30. Check out their menu here

         Recommended: Prosciutto Panini 

  1. Breakfast at Blume – Blume has a stylish bar and restaurant environment. They are known to have excellent food and drink pairings for brunch. Their staff is welcoming and personable. Here is the menu!

         Recommended: Blume Cakes

  1. Riverfront Bakery – Described to have a “European ambiance”, this bakery is perfect for a relaxing brunch. They also have excellent coffee and are particularly known for their pastries. Check out their menu here!

         Recommended: Chocolate Croissant 

  1. Sleeping Bird Coffee – Craving homemade drinks and

    Sleeping bird Coffee pastries? Sleeping Bird is the perfect place to visit. They are the neighborhood cafe owned by husband and wife team, Zach Delong & Leigh Ann Tona. Don’t miss out on their yummy spreads and toasts! Here’s the menu!

     Recommended: Avocado Toast 
  1. Angelo’s Luncheonette – Excellent service and excellent quality are what Angelo’s has run on for almost 50 years. If you want to feel at home then this is the place for you. You will feel a blast from the past with their old-school environment. Check out the menu here

         Recommended: Tall Stack Order 

  1. Grain Trolley Square – Grain’s newest location is sure to be one of the most popular options for lunch in the area. They have delicious food and great deals on drinks. They also have a beautiful seating area that is perfect for a Sunday brunch. Here is their menu

         Recommended: Breakfast Skillet 


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