Best Coffee Shops in Wilmington, DE!

We know you know where to visit and eat, but how about where to get coffee? Wilmington is home to some of the best local coffee shops! Whether it’s hot or cold, we got you covered. Here is our list of top picks for coffee shops in Wilmo!

Brew HaHa – Every drink at Brew HaHa is special and individualized to your liking! They are located all throughout Northern Delaware and each spot has their own unique look and feel. Check out their menu! We recommend trying the Espresso Macchiato!

Sleeping Bird Coffee – Sleeping Bird Coffee is the neighborhood shop for all things espresso! Whether it’s hot or cold, they have the drink for you. Sleeping Bird also serves a variety of pastries; be sure to try one when you visit! We recommend trying Drip Coffee!

Brandywine Coffee Roasters

I.M Coffee – This Wilmington coffee spot brings people together over craft coffee and freshly prepared foods! You can visit the shop or order via online at your convenience! They will have it ready for you once you arrive. Check out their menu! We recommend trying the Red Eye. 

Brandywine Coffee Roasters – Brandywine Coffee Roasters brings creativity to all of their coffee blends! Every blend has their own individual packaging which comes with the coolest design! Be sure to check out their merch! We recommend trying the Comfy Coffee Magic collection!

Kaffeina Cafe – Kaffeina is a cozy neighborhood cafe located within the Delaware Art Museum! They have a wide selection of handcrafted coffees, teas, and food to choose from! Museum Admission is NOT required for visiting the cafe! We recommend trying the White Mocha Latte.

Milk & Honey Coffeehouse – Enjoy the variety of coffee and breakfast food while checking out the art throughout Milk & Honey! They feature many local artists and their work in the coffeehouse. Here is a look at their gallery! We recommend trying the Americano!

Ciro Forty Acres – At Ciro 40 Acres you will enjoy a breakfast/brunch menu featuring seasonal and local farm ingredients including house-baked pastries, bread, all your breakfast staples, and La Colombe coffee! They have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating; take advantage of the nice weather we are having!

Faire Cafe – Faire uses local and house-made ingredients to create their coffees and food! Here is the menu from their coffee bar! If you’re in the mood, they also have a menu full of cocktails! We recommend the Shakerato!

Espresso! Coffee Bar – This local coffee bar has a great selection of coffees, pastries, and brunch! Whether you’re in the mood for croissants, waffles, or even brownies, they got you covered! We recommend trying their cold brew!

Kaffe Karma

Legal Grounds Cafe – Presented by The Law Offices of Doroshow, this cafe is open for inside dining, outdoor dining, and takeout! Legal Grounds offers high quality coffee, beverages and breakfast! Check out their menu! We recommend trying their Caffe Latte.

Kaffe Karma – During the day, Kaffe Karma is the place for coffee, matcha, tea and more. They have pastries, bagels, spreads, charcuterie etc! Take a look at their menu! Stay up to date on their workshops and evening yoga sessions! We recommend trying their espresso macchiato!

Scout Cafe- Last but not least, this historic building was turned into a great community cafe! At Scout they are all about being local and supporting local. Enjoy their menu of drip coffees, espresso and more! We recommend trying their Cafe au Lait.

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