Ballpark Food in Wilmington

Craving a nice ballpark dog but haven’t been able to make it to a game? What about a soft pretzel or water ice? Turns out you don’t have to take yourself out to the ball game to enjoy these dishes. They can be found right here in Wilmington! Check out our list of where to get the best classic baseball treats outside the park. 

Hot DogJohnnie’s Dog House  is the perfect place to get a frank outside of the ballpark. They have more signature hot dog combos than you can count. You can take a taste tour of the US just by sampling the menu!

Soft Serve Ice CreamIce Cream Delight may not present their soft serve in a little plastic baseball helmet, but they do have over 52 flavors of soft serve AND 52 flavors of fat free/sugar free frozen yogurt! No park can compete with those options–not to mention the toppings!

Water IceBernie’s Original Italian Water Ice has classic flavors like lemon, cherry, and mango, but they don’t stop there. Unique flavors include green apple, tangerine, as well as piña colada. Whether you want wooder ice, water ice, or just Italian ice, they have it!

CheesesteakScalessa’s has a hand-sliced ribeye steak to which you can add your choice of toppings. They lightly toast the sub roll, which is slightly thinner to really let the meat and toppings shine!

“Crab” Fries – Disclaimer! Farmer & the Cow does not have Old Bay sprinkled over their Hog Fries. They do have another orange dust: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos! Try these alternative fries that also have a melted cheese blend, pulled pork, bacon, BBQ sauce, and scallions. 

Soft PretzelConstitution Yards serves a nice big soft pretzel with a side of cheese. You can enjoy it alongside a draft beer and game on the big screen, or even play some lawn games!

DE Slider Co’s “Mother of all Meats” slider

NachosThree Amigos serves three different nacho dishes: Nachos Cowboy (queso dip, pico de gallo, fresh jalapenos, carne asada), chicken nachos (queso dip, pico, sour cream, pollo asado), and Nachos Supremo (beef, chicken, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream). 

BurgerDe Slider Co. has 7 different burger slider options (along with various other sandwiches). They have options with classic beef and turkey patties, along with lamb and quinoa for the more adventurous eater or vegan! 

Chicken FingersWilma’s has great New Orleans dishes, but you can find their chicken fingers on the Kids Menu if you’re really in the mood for this crispy dish. Eat your fill of the childhood favorite and then head on over to the other side to do some duckpin bowling!

Chicken SandwichKid Shelleen’s Charcoal House & Saloon has a unique spin on the classic fried chicken sandwich. Their Korean BBQ Fried Chicken sandwich comes with spicy mayo, daikon slaw, toasted sesame, and cilantro all on a buttery brioche roll. (They’re also renowned for their burgers!)

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