Why Wilmington is a Great Place to Raise a Family: Part 1 – The Festivals

Festivals are the perfect answer for parents searching for family-fun activities. Wilmington offers dozens of free festivals throughout the year that kids of all ages can enjoy. Check out some of these festivals below to see if any can become a tradition your family looks forward to every year!

Our Favorite Festivals:

The Ladybug Festival – An annual event celebrating women in music.  The event was created in 2012 by Gable Music Ventures as a block party for the residents of the 2nd & Loma neighborhood in downtown Wilmington, Delaware.

Old- Fashioned Ice Cream Festival – Who doesn’t love ice cream?

Delaware Taco Festival – Over 75 varieties of tacos & other foods available, just $3 each. It’s time for Taco Heaven!

St. Anthony’s Italian Festival – The Festival offers a wide variety of delicious and authentic Italian food specialties. Experience a virtual tour of Italy during your visit by dining in various indoor and outdoor dining locations.

Flower Market Festival – A Flower Market and Music Festival. Participate by bidding in a silent auction!

Holy Trinity Greek Festival – For 6 days the parishioners of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church take you on a trip to the Old Country where you can close your eyes and imagine yourself in a Greek village where locals are celebrating an annual event.

The People’s Festival – “People’s Festival: A Tribute to Bob Marley” is considered one of summer’s most anticipated events with a variety of live music and activities!

Clifford Brown Jazz Festival – Live Jazz performances you don’t want to miss.

Riverfront Blue’s Festival – A perfect complement for those that loved the Jazz festival.

Pirate Festival – Exciting pirate-themed activities and family friendly events including tours of Kalmar Nyckel, a pirate ship, filled with a salty pirate crew!

These are some of our favorite festivals but it doesn’t end here. Between these and the many more throughout the year, we’re sure some will accomplish the difficult task of pleasing everyone in the family!

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