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The Wilmington Cocktail Pays Homage to the Delaware City

Aviation American Gin and the city’s “It’s Time” campaign partnered up to create the perfect drink that pays tribute to Wilmington. Read more here. 

This Women’s History Month event will celebrate Black leaders in Wilmington

Kenyetta McCurdy-Byrd will host the panel, presented by REACH Riverside and Wilmington It’s Time. Read more here.

Three takeaways on achieving Black excellence and influencing Wilmington’s future

The panelists said that growing up, they had Black role models who lifted them up and showed them what success looks like. Read more here.

Cocktail of the Month: The Wilmington

While there isn’t an official state cocktail, Biden’s resident city of Wilmington got its own signature cocktail in January, thanks to a competition sponsored by Aviation American Gin and promotional campaign “It’s Time, Wilmington!” Read more here.

Weekending in Delaware: Great Dining, Gorgeous Gardens, and Shore Towns to Explore

The state Joe Biden calls home is having a full-on moment. Here’s how to explore. Read more here.

Why Sarah McBride Might Be the Most Inspiring Elected Official in America

The 30-year-old Delaware state senator became the highest-ranking openly trans official in the country in November. But it’s how she speaks about the broader fight for equality that really sets her apart. Read more here.

This Black History Month event will explore Wilmington’s true Black experience

February is Black History Month. Beyond hosting your own related programming and supporting local Black-owned businesses, here’s an opportunity to listen and learn from Black leaders in Wilmington. Read the full article here.

Celebrating Black Excellence in Wilmington, Delaware

The 1 hour virtual event will host a panel of Wilmington’s innovators and people of color weighing in as they share a rich and inspiring conversation on what black excellence means to our city. Read the full article here.

A Longtime Delaware Resident Commutes Home. A Few Things Have Changed.

As he had done countless times in his career in public office, Joe Biden returned to the Wilmington suburbs from Washington on Friday — this time, as the commander in chief. Read the full article here.

The unexpected charms of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' hometowns

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris come from different generations and backgrounds, but one of the qualities that unifies them is an abundance of pride in their hometowns… Read the full article here.

"The Wilmington" Cocktail Makes its Debut!

Wilmington, Delaware has risen in the collective consciousness of the Nation. So it is no surprise that Wilmington’s food and drink scene would rise as well. What better way to celebrate the future of this hard-working and vibrant city than a toast with a signature cocktail? Read the full article here.

Commemorative Delaware dishes mark Biden presidency

As President Joe Biden takes the oath of office in Washington D.C, some businesses are commemorating the First State’s day in the sun with sandwiches, beer and cocktails all honoring the president’s Delaware roots. Read the full article here.

Joe Biden: From Wilmington to the White House

As Joe Biden becomes the new president of the United States after a bitterly contested election, Inside the Americas takes you to Washington and to his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. In this special edition of the show, our team meets some of the people who made Biden the man he is today. We also discover the places where the president-to-be spent his time, such as the train that took him to Washington every day when he was a young senator. Watch the video here.

Wilmington’s winner: the view from Joe Biden’s home town

Tiptoeing into Sunday Mass midway through the service, I’m sure I can see Joe Biden’s bowed head in the front pew. St Joseph on the Brandywine is the Catholic church where the president-elect worships when he’s at home in Wilmington, Delaware. Sadly, my hunch is a false alarm.

Sandwiched between Philadelphia and Washington DC, Wilmington has never been on the east-coast tourist trail but now it’s basking in the Biden limelight. Read the full article here.

Big spotlight on Biden's little Delaware

When New York City hip-hop artist Matthew “Boy” Pierce released a whimsical song in September 2019 about his home state of Delaware, chronicling his upbringing in Wilmington, it fell on deaf ears in the Big Apple.
“No one in New York had a clue what I was talking about,” Pierce said. “I’m the only person from Delaware most of my friends here have ever met, and they know absolutely nothing about the state.” Read the full article here.

Meet ‘The Wilmington:’ A liquid ode to Delaware’s largest city

Just in time for the inauguration, President-Elect Joe Biden’s hometown has a signature cocktail: The Wilmington.

The libation was created by Kate Gantner and Fazal Vandal, Trolley Square residents who beat expert mixologists, bartenders and other cocktail enthusiasts to win the crown. Read the full article here.

Tired of drinks representing other cities? How about a Wilmington?

The drinking world includes the Manhattan, the Boston Rum Punch, and the Moscow Mule, but nothing named after Delaware’s biggest city, until now.

Inspired by a Wilm Today contest to create a drink mixed with Aviation Gin to be known as “The Wilmington”, Kate Gantner said she teamed up with Fazal Vandal and used one of Delaware’s classic fruits. Read the full article here.

President-elect Joe Biden’s Hometown Makes for the Perfect Weekend Escape — Where to Eat, Sleep, and Play

When he was a senator, President-elect Joe Biden was known for his frequent Amtrak trips back to his adopted hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. It’s hard to blame him for his attachment to the place…  Read the full article here.

Lovely, little Delaware — long famous for corporations, chickens and credit cards — is ready for its big moment

Officer Anthony Easterling, Sixth and Market downtown in this small state’s largest city, working the beat. Question: Do you know Joe Biden? Incredulous. “Do I know Joe Biden?” Friends with Beau, the late state attorney general. “I beat the daylights out of Hunter playing basketball,” says Easterling, though he deploys a saltier term. “Joe would regularly walk down this street for lunch.”

Perhaps they will now take a second look. Read the full article here.

'It's put Delaware on the map': Biden’s win drags state from the shadows

It is not so much a flyover state as a does-the-train-have-to-stop-here? state. Most travellers between New York and Washington do not disembark at the Joseph R Biden Jr Railroad Station in Wilmington, Delaware. Perhaps they will now take a second look. Read the full article here.

The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2021

Over the past year, Delaware has been making headlines as the de facto HQ for No. 46 and his transition team, but there’s plenty of reason for buzz beyond politics. Many of the recent developments that have drawn young professionals to the capital of Wilmington from nearby hubs like Philadelpha — creative businesses, a high-caliber culinary scene, fewer crowds — also appeal to travelers. Read the full article here.

Goldman Sachs to expand consumer finance business to Wilmington's Riverfront

Goldman Sachs’ expansion into retail lending is bringing a sliver of the investment bank’s operations into the credit card hot spot of Delaware. 

Officials at the storied 150-year-old bank said they are securing a temporary lease for offices along the Wilmington Riverfront to house the company’s initial set of Delaware hires. Read the full article here.

Wilmington Mayor Talks About President-Elect Biden Putting City on the Map

Wilmington Mayor Michael Purzycki, and William Sullivan, Chairman of Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitors Bureau joined Cheddar to discuss President-Elect Joe Biden’s impact on their city in Delaware. Watch the full interview here.

They said what about Wilmington? Biden's victory shines spotlight on city, state

You know these are strange times when the New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer are bickering over Delaware.

Each newspaper filed reports about Wilmington last week, jumping on the trend of media attention focusing on the city as it continues to host President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team and all the journalists that follow. Read the full article here.

THE BIDEN EFFECT Inside Wilmington's efforts to capitalize on its newfound glory during a pandemic

The city and state are now faced with figuring out how to capitalize on the onslaught of exposure from Joe Biden’s big win. Read the full article here.

Biden's hometown campaign brings spotlight and economic boost to tiny Wilmington, Delaware

He’s not on the ballot for mayor in Wilmington, but Joe Biden’s hometown is getting some attention as a result of his presidential candidacy.

Amid the 19 general election campaign trips to seven battleground states, Biden has spent his down time in Wilmington, a fitting backdrop for the man who ditched Washington most nights and took Amtrak home from his Senate job to be with family. Read the full article here.

New York Times finds Biden’s Delaware hometown on a map

Somehow, the nation has elected a president from suburban Wilmington. The New York Times asked a writer to explain.

He didn’t do a super job. The Timesman credited Swedes with founding the town in 1683, by which time the actual settlement was nearly 50 years old, and was owned by William Penn, who was English. The Swedes, by the way, have vanished. The Nanticokes, who met them, are still here. Read the full article here.

Wilmington Delaware: Proud of their Hometown Joe

What more appropriate way to visit the largest city in the second smallest state in the U.S. than by rail?

Just like future president Joseph E. Biden Jr, we took  Amtrak, which was a short, pleasant excursion from Greenfield Massachusetts down to Wilmington. Read the full article here.

Wilmington, Delaware, Joe Biden’s Hometown

GoNomad.com’s Max Hartshorne joins Paul and Elizabeth to report on his visit to Wilmington, Delaware, the hometown of U.S. President Elect Joe Biden. Max shares some of the highlights he discovered in and around this warm and welcoming city. He takes us to the Hagley Museum and Library, the former home and gardens of the du Pont family; and to Longwood Gardens, a horticultural spectacular in nearby Kennett Square. Listen to the full episode here.

After Centuries of Obscurity, Wilmington Is Having a Moment

The president-elect has transformed the city into a federal-government-in-waiting. He delivers speeches and television interviews from the Queen, a restored theater downtown. His motorcade, 20 vehicles long, regularly brings traffic to a screeching halt, and gawking drivers appear delighted. Cabinet nominees swan through the opulent lobby of the Hotel Du Pont. Read the full article here.

The Dish: Chef Tyler Akin on returning to Delaware, opening restaurant amid pandemic

Celebrated chef and Wilmington, Delaware native Tyler Akin has come home after opening and running nationally-recognized restaurants in Washington and Philadelphia. Ed O’Keefe speaks to Akin about his twist on a historic landmark, and keeping a table open for another well-known Wilmington native — President-elect Joe Biden. Watch the full segment here.

Forget Scranton, Wilmington Is the Biden City Worth Visiting

After months of staying close to home, being a social distancing Jedi, and not feeling like a travel writer, I finally packed up a rental car, my collection of masks, and a stash of hand-sanitizer to hit the road on a solo trip. After months of dreaming of far flung locales, what would my first destination be? Surprisingly, Wilmington, Delaware. Read the full article here.

Food & Wine

‘Everybody Knows Joe’: I Ate at Biden’s Favorite Hometown Restaurants

In the weeks before the election, I tried to get to know Wilmington the only way I know how: by eating everything in town. Read the full article here!

Wilmington DE’s Day—A Vote for Delaware

I have a crush on Delaware, having written previous tales about its musicalpastoral and brewing gems. My recent visit synced with the declaration that Joe Biden was the President-Elect. This excursion explored downtown Wilmington, which is more of a small town where many locals have met Joe or have connections to his altruistic family—and speak highly of both. Read the full article here.

IT'S TIME Features

To access to original presss release click here.

Introducing "The Wilmington" Signature Cocktail

Wilmington, Delaware, today announces a much anticipated signature cocktail to call its own – THE WILMINGTON. The city, home to 46th President Elect Joe Biden, in partnership with Aviation American Gin, dedicates the drink to make a historic cocktail imprint at this milestone moment. THE WILMINGTON makes its debut one week prior to the Presidential Inauguration.  Read the press release here.

Revamped ‘It’s Time’ campaign finds Biden boost

The original goal for the campaign was to sell Wilmington as a place to live, work and play and build pride in the city’s revitalization efforts. With the pandemic limiting people’s movement and largely hindering new job creation, city officials and their marketing team refocused “It’s Time” to support the ailing hospitality industry and get locals out and about safely. Read the full article here.

Remember ‘It’s Time’? It’s back

In late September 2018, after a Hurricane Florence weather delay, the City of Wilmington launched its “It’s Time” campaign at it’s much-anticipated Wilmington Love community block party event in Rodney Square. — Read the full article here.

Wilmington has relaunched the “It’s Time” marketing campaign with an updated focus on the city’s new offerings and how it pivoted during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read the full article here.

For the past two years, It’s Time – a dedicated campaign promoting the endless offerings, pride and diverse people of Wilmington – has showcased the best of this progressive city. With the toll of COVID-19 impacting the local economy – specifically the small business and hospitality. Read the full article here.

Wilmington, Delaware Relaunches and Reinforces "It's Time" Campaign

Wilmington, Delaware’s largest city, feeds off the energy and connections of good people, the economic impact of entrepreneurial businesses and the potential of what’s next. The city, with its prime Northeast location, is open to new experiences, believes in continuous learning from others and celebrates diversity and change. Read the press release here.

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