#PeopleOfWilmDE: Unpin Campbell

Unpin Campbell is the Owner of Pinji’s Cafe as well as this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE. Read more of her story below.

“I have been in Wilmington for about 10 years. I had a cafe in Newark for over 7 years. After I sold that, I wanted to take a break from work, but a great opportunity came to me to open up a cafe in Wilmington so I figured, ‘Why not?’ I’ve made a lot of amazing friends during my time in Wilmington. And a lot of them have helped me with connections and other resources. A lot of my customers have turned into true friends who support me. I’m usually so busy running the cafe that I don’t go out too much. But when I do go out with friends, I like casual spots like Catherine Rooney’s in Trolley Square. My favorite event in the city is the Clifford Brown Jazz FestivalThree interesting facts about me are:
  1. I like to do marathons,
  2. I take care of a small garden as a hobby,
  3. I’m big into meditating.
I feel proud as a Wilmingtonian every day just by seeing the support and love from the community. When people tell their friends and colleagues about my cafe, or when old customers and friends who moved away from the city stop by when they’re back in town, it feels great. I continue to choose Wilmington because there is a lot of potential and opportunity for growth, and the community here is amazing. I’m glad to see a lot of investment and initiatives being made into the city. I hope these investments support the growth of the community. I’d also like to see more job opportunities for everyone, more resources, and more grants for up-and-coming small business owners.  My advice to people living and working in Wilmington? Anything is possible if you have a goal and keep working at it. It’s cliche but it’s true. Set big goals and stay consistent.”

Check out Pinji’s Cafe on Facebook (also, they’re hiring!) 

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