The Sold Firm Art Gallery Celebrates Grand Opening in Wilmington

The Sold Firm Art Gallery celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, August 1. Located at 800-B North Tatnall street, The Sold Firm was founded in 2019 by owner Nataki Oliver to exhibit emerging modern and contemporary artists who tackle diverse subjects such as beauty, sexuality, emotions, and culture. 
“The Sold Firm adds a contemporary newness to its surroundings,” said Oliver.  “Fine art, culture, love, and support are our core elements to injecting vibrancy into Wilmington. Residents and visitors are welcome to immerse themselves in this modern art gallery. The collections of modern art displayed here have been carefully curated to represent multiple creative styles that complement our bright, simplistic aesthetic.”
The Sold Firm’s current group exhibit, “Pendulum Swing,” also kicked off with the gallery’s sold-out grand opening ceremony on Saturday. The exhibit brings together 15 black artists from as far away as Florida to allow their voices about the current climate to be heard through visual art, each with a unique expression that conveys pain, triumph, and optimistic views of their feelings. All of the “Pendulum Swing” artists will receive a 100% commission on any artwork sold during the public exhibit, which continues until October 30, 2020. 
Tickets are available on the gallery’s website, and you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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