The Philadelphia Inquirer Gets Wilmington’s Story Right

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Delaware had quite a week in the press. First came an article from the New York Times, on Sunday, December 7th. The following morning, The Philadelphia Inquirer had a response to The Times that set the record straight. 

Joseph DiStephano’s Column, “New York Times finds Biden’s Delaware hometown on a map” went lengths to recover facts the previous article lacked, clarifying trivial misgivings like signage and locations of the Chancery Courts to breaking down Delaware’s economic revenue. 

“But despite what the Times writer claimed, Delaware holds a dramatic place in American history.” He went on to reflect on Delaware’s place in the Revolutionary war, the demanding of equal states rights in the Articles of Confederation, and this great bit of history, “Why, Gunning Bedford Jr. demanded of the big-state bullies, should we give up power, for nothing? That wouldn’t help anyone get reelected. And that, readers, is why we have the U.S. Senate. And, thus, the Electoral College. You’re welcome.”

The column went on to highlight a number of great sites and facts about our state, namely the Joe Biden Train Station, Flint Woods, Historic New Castle, and the Jack A. Markell trail that connects it to the Riverfront and highlighted Delaware local favorites like Capriottis and the delicacies born in Little Italy. 

To read Joe DiStephano’s full column, click here

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