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Will Sheridan, aka “Bump” is a touring artist, Talent Developer and Diversity Trainer at a USLI, as well as this week’s #PeopleofWilmDE! Read his story below:     

“I was born in Delaware. I went to St. Peter’s Cathedral in Wilmington from Kindergarten to 8th grade. I also spent most of my evenings in New Castle at the Garfield Park Police Athletic League or Wilmington’s Jackson St. Boys Club. I graduated and moved on to Sanford School in Hockessin. While in high school, I participated in the Wilmington based Stormin’ Norman League, where we played at Bancroft. I also work on the Market Street Mall at Kimmel, Carter, Roman and Peltz Law Firm

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Upon graduating from high school, I went to Villanova University, where I was a student athlete and four year starter on the Men’s Basketball team. After graduation, I went to Italy for one competitive season before moving to New York City. In New York, I pursued my writing career and landed a job at Source Magazine. While following a generation of new hip hop, I found my passion for music. I formulated a mixtape and 12 years later, have generated 8 total projects. I was an active touring artist, event producer and DJ for the past decade. When the pandemic hit, I came home to throw my mom a birthday party and decided that I wanted to come home to help her and build a life around my family here. As a result, I applied to two jobs and chose USLI, a commercial insurance company based in King of Prussia. I currently work remotely, so I spend a lot of time in Wilmington.

When I first thought about going home, I was concerned that I would be able to stick it out, and I have because I’m an anomaly. What I realized is that I’m here for a reason and part of that reason is to educate people on diversity. I don’t think it is my responsibility to educate people on things different from them, but it just happens. I feel Iike I cross so many lanes that it’s hard not to find something that relates to most people here. So being that person in a city like Wilmington is special and I plan to use that to bring people together.

I continue to choose Wilmington because my family is here. I am close to my mom, siblings and extended family. I would say I’ve met some amazing people and already created a mix of old and new friends. I choose Wilmington because it’s just an Amtrak ride away from the city (NYC), not too far from Philly, Baltimore, DC and all the beaches. I also choose Wilmington because this city built the very foundation of who I am as a person. I have travelled the world and I’m back to make a positive impact here.

I learned quickly that people here work hard and have to be creative to create opportunities for themselves. Everything I ever did in life was because I went out and put in the work to achieve it. I would say from what I remember and what I’ve seen in this past year- Wilmington is full of hard workers and people creative enough to make the city work for them.

I would say since being back in Delaware, I really have been just reconnecting with people and seeing what I want to be involved in. I’d like to be involved with Cool Shoes Inc and the Teen Warehouse. Those two are very different, but both on the youth development wave that I most admire.

I also admire the Delaware Drill Team Scene- like the Unique Steppers in New Castle and The Eastside Steppers. They’re an amazing group of talented youth that used to put on a show at all ages. My youth was full of events and organizations and groups for the youth to participate in and that really motivated me to do more.

Will Sheridan of Wilmington, DE

I look forward to seeing the city’s commitment to the youth because they are the future. On a personal level, I feel obligated to expand the New Castle County LGBTQ+ environment and somehow have it foster a fun inclusive atmosphere that can in turn support underprivileged youth development. There is plenty of room for growth there.

I was just inducted into the Delaware Basketball Hall of Fame and Pre-Covid, I was preparing a speech that got me thinking about all the youth programs that were a big part of my personal development.

Some of my proudest moments in Wilmington were in my youth. I just remember representing on the AAU circuit and being ranked in the country with Art Bowers. We really put on for Wilmington before anyone here was getting National coverage or sponsorships. I was proud to be on a National High School Basketball scene with another Delawarean. We made every All Star game whether it was Eastern Invitation, Adidas All American Camp, Tim Thomas Playaz or USA Basketball Under 16 Team– we both were Wilmington HOOPERS that really took the nation by storm. All of that made me really proud to be from here. I’d say now, I’m a Delawarean AND a New Yorker because I spent 13 years in the city.

I’m the most proud of my all original independent music catalogue. I had no help and no support with anything music wise and I’m 7 projects in and counting and really did it MY WAY. I’m just proud that I did everything I wanted to do and I live my best life, my authentic truth and I’m back to build on my legacy, here in Wilmington. Let’s compare passport stamps!

My favorite memory is when I went to St. Peter’s Cathedral and they used to do First Night Out on the Market Street Mall. I remember being excited in middle school for that. Is that still a thing? Now I just enjoy a casual bar hopping night with my tight circle here, the perfect night is Happy Hour at Timothy’s on the Riverfront, slide to Trolley to hit Logan House and Tap House and the Grotto’s on Pennsylvania Ave.

I would say some advice I would give to people living and working in Wilmington is to be curious, try new things, support local pubs and coffee shops and let’s continue to make Wilmington a special place to live.”

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