#PeopleOfWilmDE: Tynetta Brown

Tynetta Brown is President and CEO of Philanthropy Delaware, Inc., as well as this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE! Read her story below:  

Tynetta Brown of Wilmington, DE

“I’m originally from North Carolina. The career points are varied from working as an interior designer, promotions with urban/jazz radio stations, volunteering in the community a great deal and working in community health for several years at the local, State and national levels. In 2005, at age 43, on a lark, I followed up on a job lead with AstraZeneca here in Wilmington. I’d never lived outside of the State of North Carolina. The interview was successful and the rest is history.

I’ve had the chance to have a ‘village’ of great friends, lived in the best neighborhood in Wilmington (Midtown Brandywine) and the cost to live here is exponentially cheaper than Washington, D.C.

The location truly is great being between New York and D.C and it’s only 1 ½ hours by plane or 6 hours by car to get back to my home state of North Carolina to see family and friends.

Some facts about me are: 

  1. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design and a minor in Art History (I wanted to be an Architect).
  2. I’m very crafty – I design jewelry, stationary and I know how to knit or crochet.
  3. I’ve never had braids as an adult.

I have been pleased to be able to contribute to the City and State where I can. Many times, I get calls for advice (career, nonprofit or business), requests to serve on a Board or Committee here and there to help accomplish a variety of missions/good work. When I can, I will. The ‘connectors’ that I’ve met have paid it forward, shared information, and connected me to some great people, opportunities and resources and I feel I should do the same.

There are both personal and community accomplishments I am proud of. 

Personal accomplishments: 

  • Becoming the President and CEO of Philanthropy Delaware—culmination of a long career trajectory in both the corporate and nonprofit arena. 
  • I was dubbed a “Delebrity” by some friends since I had been featured in Delaware Today profiling my Midtown home in 2014, recognized in Delaware Today’s Women in Business and made the Style Files in 2014 in The News Journal. Also, I felt good about moderating/hosting the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition’s Research Updates and the Shining Lights Awards for over 5 years.
  • I also loved stretching myself by becoming a freelance writer for Women of MORE magazine as a Lifestyle/Interior Design contributor. 
  • Serving as 1 of over 100 women contributing authors for the Love Letters to My Girls Anthology: 100 Black Women Speak to the Hearts of Black Women & Girls and sharing my love of custom designed jewelry and interior design with many in the area.

For the City:

  • The REACH Riverside Development Corporations/WRK Group (The Teen Warehouse, Kingswood Community Center and REACH Riverside). Finally, Northeast Wilmington is getting some long overdue, much needed attention. The commitment by all involved is stellar and I was pleased to serve as one of the early Development and Marketing/Communications Directors for such a wonderful project. Can’t wait to see how the area blossoms over the next 10 years. The Purpose Built model is the way to go.

My favorite events are the Brandywine Arts Festival and The Clifford Brown and Rehoboth Jazz Festivals – opportunity to hear some quality artists FREE or at reasonable rates without traveling far to do so.

I also enjoy outdoor dining in the Spring and Summer only and listening to live music or viewing an art exhibit. Love the Art Loop Fridays.

Currently, I am excited about the great offerings at Christina Cultural Arts Center and the FREE programming offered at the Wilmington Library that gives away recent literary works by bestselling authors for those who may not be able to purchase them. Also, I love when the Wilmington Library brings nationally recognized/famous individuals of note who have impacted or continue to impact history or our society allowing all to have exposure.

Within the next year, there MUST be a greater effort to bring some quality retail shops in the City, i.e. small boutiques-gift shops, card shop, items for the home—especially if the expectation that we are attracting more people to work or live in the City in smaller dwellings/apartments. Also, a small grocery store for quick pick-up items—better than the ‘corner stores’ currently in the City. A true walkable community.

My advice for Wilmingtonians is to contribute to the growth and development of the City in whatever way you can. Weigh in when asked by our government officials or even when you aren’t asked—make suggestions if you have a better idea that can be brought to fruition, make it happen or help make it happen.” 

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