#PeopleOfWilmDE: Troy Hendrickson

Troy Hendrickson, best known for his portrayal of Aunt Mary Pat and Miss Troy, is a Performer and Owner of Fantastic Troy, LLC, and is this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE! Read their story below. 

“I’ve lived in Wilmington all of my life! I was born at St.Francis Hospital. My parents are from here, so I am truly Wilmington’s son. I am a proud graduate of Cab Calloway School of the Arts.

Three fun facts about me are: 

  1. I am HUGE Nintendo video game nerd
  2. I drink 7 shots of Espresso per day
  3. I own every piece of Mariah Carey media!


My ideal night out in Wilmington would start by grabbing a delicious meal at one of the amazing restaurants in Wilmington- maybe Mikimotos, Washington St. Ale House, Bardea, or if I need wings, Catherine Rooneys. I’d go catch a live show at The Queen, then bar hop around town, and probably end up at one of my favorite local watering holes- Crimson Moon or Comegys. My favorite attraction in Wilmington is Kahunaville! (jk) I love going to The Queen for shows for the amazing atmosphere, Constitution Yards for the Fun, and I really enjoy the Greek and Italian festivals for the food!

Living in Wilmington has given me the opportunity to grow into the person I am. Big enough to spread my wings and small enough to let me be me. I continue to choose Wilmington because I love the small city life. It feels like home and I love seeing its evolution. Some of my proudest moments as a Wilmingtonian have been headlining The Queen as Aunt Mary Pat, performing as Miss Troy in the first-ever LGBTQ+ Youth Pride festival, being named one of Delaware’s most influential people, and raising my kids here!

I am truly proud of the work we all did in rebuilding Crimson Moon (the only LGBTQ+ bar in Wilmington). It provides a safe space for not only patrons but also performers. We were displaced after it suffered a fire, but we raised enough money to have our space rebuilt, and NOW it looks amazing. I can’t wait to keep on twirling there.

As the city continues to grow, I would LOVE more nightlife options! I want this city to be reflective of all the talent that we have to offer. Also, grow the LGBTQ+ representation. I heard there are plans to put in an outdoor park and amphitheater- that would be amazing.

My advice to Wilmingtonians is BE YOU! Loud and Proud. Be Bold. Don’t be afraid to be different.”

You can keep up with Troy’s performance work by following Aunt Mary Pat on Facebook and Instagram and following Miss Troy on Facebook and Instagram

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