#PeopleOfWilmDE: Tia Cristy

Tia Cristy is CEO of Ready Speaker One ℠, Personality, and Tips Expert and has lived and worked in Wilmington for 14 years. She is this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE. Read her story below.

“I was a club DJ in my late teens when I was first introduced to Wilmington. After I started my radio career, I moved away from the area. But several years later, I moved to Wilmington from the West Coast, and I was embraced again by this great city as if I never left.

3 interesting facts about me are:

Tia Cristy at TEDx in Wilmington, DE
  • I have been in radio in Delaware for over a decade.
  • I used to have a column in the Spark that featured cover bands.
  • I love giving back to Delaware where and when I can. I’ve done radiothons for Nemours, I’ve polar bear plunged for the Special Olympics, bartended at BBC numerous times for various charities, and played terribly in the yearly volleyball tournament in Wilmington to support Easter Seals. 

Harriet Tubman Park is probably one of my favorite spots in the city because it has been the setting for many great events in Wilmington. I have been there for Vendemia, Diner En Blanc, taco fests, concerts, and many more events. Plus, it’s a beautiful setting on the waterfront. I love watching the wildlife on the water while people stroll along the path. It’s majestic. I just have so many good memories there.

Trolley Square is always a great place to spend time, with easy access to everything nearby. I like to start with a round of pool at Catherine Rooneys with friends. Grabbing food at Toscana is always good. Hummingbird to Mars has a great vibe for after-dinner drinks. We will cap off the night with a life-size Jenga at Oyster House.

Wilmington is such a big little city. That means it has so much to offer while maintaining some small-town charms like knowing your neighbors and feeling a sense of belonging. I continue to stay within Wilmington because of the tight-knit sense of community. I love its vibe, and the people are instant friends. The food is beyond great, and the history is remarkable.

I have grown a lot professionally in Wilmington. Going from radio and writing for Wilmington outlets, I have made moves from entertainment to helping others, and now being named CEO of Ready Speaker One ℠ (RSO). RSO is for anyone who is looking to find their voice and share their story. We train people on all things TED and TEDx as well as help with the art of communication. I think it’s amazing that this remarkable company is reaching people around the world.

I’ve always loved how the city embraces art. From the Art Loop to musical acts to the revamping of historical buildings to having incredible keynote speakers. I am so honored to be part of TEDxWilmington, which is run by organizer Dr. Dan Young. TedxWilmington is one of the Top 5 Tedx organizations worldwide. In the next 5 to 10 years, I would love to see Wilmington become one of the top tourist spots for TEDx followers. As for the city, I have no doubt that Wilmington will continue to grow with the times while maintaining its historical heritage. 

I would remind people not to be too busy to care for their community. Say hello, give a helping hand, keep the city clean, make new friends, see where you can be the change that you want to see in the world. Wilmington is packed full of amazing, talented people. It is truly a treasure, and we know we must care for our treasure.

I’ve had so many magical moments (in Wilmington), when on WSTW and meeting listeners. I’ve gotten to be part of so many magical Wilmington traditions. I have taken part in so many generous charities like Safe Haven Healing and Radiothon. I’m so happy to give back where I can. But one of my top, proudest moments was giving my own TEDx – It’s All Stress: The Frazzler vs. The Silent Stressor, on the Theater N stage in Wilmington. 

I believe that there is something for everyone when visiting Wilmington. But for those who live and work in Wilmington, we are like blooming onions with lots of layers, and that is why I believe there are so many opportunities to be part of this great city. 

Fall and winter always have something to offer, including the gala season. Summer, going to the festivals and other outdoor activities around town. Spring in Wilmington has always been so special to me. It used to be the excitement of working at the Flower Market. And now, Ready Speaker One℠ is volunteering for TEDxWilmington and will be inviting clients and tourists to the largest talk of the year in April to be inspired by speakers and visit this amazing city. I’m also truly excited about this year’s Time to Bloom: Businesswomen’s Shindig happening on April 27th.”

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