#PeopleOfWilmDE: Tanerra Willis

Tanerra Willis  is a 5X self- published author, CEO of a lifestyle improvement brand ‘The Amazing Corner’, and a Nemours Children’s Hospital employee. She is this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE. Read her story below.

“My maternal grandfather’s family is from Wilmington, and we spent a lot of time at his mom’s house growing up. I remember her home being a place where many would visit, live, or just hangout. There would be family barbecues and trick or treating that would always be a fond memory of mine. While working as a registered nurse for Nemours Children’s Hospital at several of its primary care locations I connected a lot with the community and continue to attend events or volunteer at many local events throughout the years.

I am a 5X self- published author, CEO of a lifestyle Improvement brand DBA  ‘The Amazing Corner.’ I focus on providing workshops and events that empower my clients/attendees to make lifestyle improvements to help them grow and to grow those around them. I also have an ecommerce site theamazingcorner.com where you can see my services, books, and merchandise that all have a central focus on helping others grow. I am your partner in growth!

I have worked for Nemours Children’s Hospital for close to 20 years, but I currently live in Middletown DE. For a short period of time, I lived in Wilmington during high school and went to Wilmington High School.

Tanerra Willis of Wilmington, DE

In the last five years, I was the Vice President of the non-profit Journey Unveiled which mentors teen girls to overcome systemic and environmental barriers to become thriving young women. For some time I volunteered for Delaware Read Aloud and I participate in MLK Day of service annually. Through my company I host several events a year that give back to the community. They include, but are not limited to, an annual community & health fair, to be held this year on June 1st at Middletown DE, an infertility support fundraiser, and an annual holiday giveaway. Not to mention I serve on a few ministries at my local church Seeds of Greatness Bible Church, New Castle DE.

Three surprising facts about me are:

  1.  I once did ballet.
  2. I have five tattoos.
  3. I prefer my food not to touch (lol).

My favorite Wilmington attraction is the local gem, The Delaware History Museum. I was out having a ‘me day’ one spring afternoon, and decided to check it out and I was pleasantly surprised at how much history Delaware had and how much I learned by visiting the museum. I have been sharing it with my friends and family.

My ideal itinerary for a night out is a walk along the Riverfront and then end it at Del Pez for great food and conversation with friends or my husband.

I continue to choose Wilmington because it is great to provide representation in healthcare. I am also happy to be an empathetic ear for families seeking complex medical care within the organization. What I have found is that people want to be heard and feel seen. They don’t want to be seen as a dollar sign or a task. I can show compassion in my care and bring a sense of relief to parents burdened with the stress of their child’s illness.  When sharing our books to the youth in Wilmington it’s an opportunity to foster the love of reading and empower them to see their futures differently by introducing them to new ways of learning, thinking, and enlarge the view of how they see themselves.

Wilmington has helped me as I’ve fostered a lot of connections and relationships that help me grow both personally and professionally and they are priceless. I have found when you give to others you will never have a need. That concept has worked for me.

I love the growth, the revitalization, and the support of both small business and diverse businesses in our city right now. I pray it is sustained and supported by the community and leaders of the city and state. It is important to bring resources to the neighborhoods. So improved schools, more health fairs, youth and senior programs, as well as free summer programs to keep youth busy, engaged, and enriched with skills that will help them be productive citizens and give back to their communities.

I would tell Wilmington residents to support all businesses. Not just the ones you are familiar with or with owners or staff that look like you. Try something new and share with others. Keep building your community and network. We can do more together!”

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