#PeopleOfWilmDE: Nicholas Vouras

Nicholas Vouras is the owner of Nick’s Pizza and is this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE. Read his story below. 

“My family has been a part of Wilmington since my great-grandfather came over from Greece and opened up the Kozy Korner in 1922. I attended AI DuPont High School and graduated in 2018. I moved to California right after high school to attend California State, Northridge for Accounting. While out there I started doing research on pizza. I returned to Delaware after a year because I missed the people and the food back home. I worked at a pizza shop while attending UD. When COVID hit and virtual learning started, I was dissatisfied with the education I was receiving so I decided to go full force with the hopes of opening up a pizza shop by 27. I started making pizzas out of Kozy Korner in March 2021, and I haven’t looked back since.

Three fun facts about me are: 

  1. I tried over 200 different pizzas across the United States in the span of 2 years when I was doing research on pizza
  2. My favorite place to vacation is San Diego
  3. Finished in 15th place in my 3rd grade spelling bee

My ideal night out in Wilmington starts out at Trolley Tap House and then I end the night with tequila shots, Miller High Life, and some 50/50 Chicken Fingers at Dead Presidents. My favorite attraction in Wilmington is The Queen. The venue is pretty awesome and the team there does an awesome job! 

My proudest moment as a Wilmingtonian is getting all the support from locals or people who have traveled to try my pizza. It’s something I devoted 4 years to before making happen. It makes me proud of what I’ve accomplished and makes me glad I’m doing it in Wilmington.

I continue to choose Wilmington because I think the city has a lot to offer and it’s a good spot to be in. Being in Wilmington has helped tremendously. Just knowing the area and being familiar with people has helped a lot. I’ve known some of the people around town since I was like 10 years old and now at 23, they’ve seen me come up and they want to support me and I appreciate that a lot. 

I’m really excited about the food scene in Wilmington, of course! Wilmington has probably always been seen as the little brother to Philly. Food-wise, we have a lot of amazing spots that are popping up and I think Wilmington can become a powerhouse in the food scene and I want to be a part of it. I would love to see some more great restaurants open up, along with some cool attractions that can draw more people to the city.

My advice to Wilmingtonians? Support local businesses!

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