#PeopleOfWilmDE: Liza Fragomele

Liza Fragomele is the owner of Trudy, a contemporary chic clothing boutique located in Trolley Square. Because of her roots in Wilmington and passion for supporting small businesses, she is this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE. Read more about Liza below.

“I’ve lived in the Wilmington area for most of my life. My family lived in PA for a bit and then we moved to Wilmington when I started 5th grade. I went to Tatnall for middle and high school, and I graduated from Tatnall in 2008. While I was in high school I got my first job at Houppette, a cosmetic boutique located right in Greenville, which has always been one of my favorite jobs ever! Now I live in a home in the Wawaset Park area with my dog, Jax!

We love Fragomele’s style with her boutique, Trudy!

My family is a super important part of my life and they all live here in Wilmington, so coming back home after living in New York was always a part of my plan. I could never imagine myself away from them long term. I think it’s pretty amazing that our future President of the United States lives right down the street! Also, my uncle, Mike Purzycki is now in his second term as Mayor of Wilmington – I couldn’t be more proud! 

I have a lot of great memories here. Opening Trudy is one my greatest memories associated with the city. It was my dream since I was a little girl to have my own store and I feel very proud to have accomplished that. I’m really excited for the future of Trudy and for the business to grow along with the city! When I moved home from being in New York for 6 years, my mission was to find the perfect location to open Trudy. I moved into an apartment in the 40 Acres/Trolley Square area and instantly fell in love with the area, but I realized it was missing good retail. I’m not sure I would have thought about it if I hadn’t moved back into the area. I’m so happy I decided on this location! Moving to New York City and experiencing a completely opposite (fast pace) lifestyle than the way I grew up made me appreciate my small town roots so much more. I didn’t appreciate everything home had to offer before I moved away. I’m really happy here now and I think I needed time away to realize that. 

Pre pandemic Trudy had a lot of events to try to bring different people together. I love doing events that involve multiple small businesses in the area coming together. In early Fall we did an event with Hi Lo House, my new absolute favorite addition to the community. It’s an amazing fitness studio right down the street on Pennsylvania Avenue.  I think it’s great to bring different industries together when you both have the same goal which is to make people happy!

I am hopeful for more small businesses as our city moves forward! I think there is so much opportunity for new retail, restaurants, salons etc. 2020 was obviously an extremely tough year for businesses in general, but looking forward, I think the people of Wilmington are craving new things and places to go! Let’s keep supporting the small businesses that make this city so special! This year has been so brutal for so many people both mentally and professionally. If possible, go out to dinner, shop at the local pet stores, liquor stores, boutiques, they are so important to our city’s DNA.”

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