#PeopleOfWilmDE: Liz Richards

Liz Richards is a Political Advocacy and Campaign Consultant, and is this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE! Read her story below. 

“I grew up just outside Wilmington. I went to DC for college and worked in campaigns across the country for 10 years before coming home to start a family. I’ve now lived in Wilmington for two years. Since returning to the area, I founded the Delaware Cares Coalition for Paid Leave!

Three facts about me are: 

  1. I was in a musical at the Wilmington Drama League when I was 8 months pregnant. 
  2. My dad worked in Philly radio when I was growing up. I was sometimes featured as a
    little kid on B101.
  3. I’m a proud Cabbie! Cab Calloway Class of 2009.

My favorite attraction in Wilmington is Brandywine Park- it’s one of the most stunning places in the state. The mix of nature and infrastructure is beautiful – and there is excellent bird watching and wildlife. 

As new parents, my husband and I have a tried and true Friday routine now! We pick up our daughter from daycare and go straight to Catherine Rooney’s for beers and the finest selection from the kid’s menu. We then take a leisurely stroll down Bancroft Parkway before people-watching on our front porch. (When we’re not parenting, we love to go to Market Street – Bardea and Nomad is a cherished fancy night out for mom and dad.)

I continue to choose Wilmington because it’s great to be near our family. When deciding where we were going to start our family, we were interested in living in a small city like Wilmington with a strong community and lots of potential. We’re close to the Philly airport and Amtrak when we have to travel for work. There’s a lot to enjoy.

As Wilmington grows, I hope we become a model for how small to mid-size cities can grow equitably in a way that benefits all parts of our community. I’m also interested in making the city more walkable and bike friendly. We have a lot of beautiful bike trails in Delaware, but not many of them get you where you need to go. There’s a lot of potential in Wilmington to build healthier communities with a healthier built environment. 

I am so impressed every time one of my former classmates or someone I know from Cab performs or has success in the area. Alim Smith, a Cab graduate, created the artwork for the latest season of Atlanta. Another Cab grad Anna Uzele was in the original Broadway cast of Six – and it was one of the biggest shows of the year. I’ve been to art shows and music shows of friends in the area. Every time I go I feel immense pride for the people who are making art and putting their ideas out into the world. It often seems that people here identify as Delawareans…I hope more of them begin to identify as Wilmingtonians. Wilmington is scrappy, it’s intimate. It’s got a lot to offer.”

You can connect with Liz on LinkedIn, and keep up with the Delaware Cares Coalition for Paid Leave on Facebook and Instagram!

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