#PeopleOfWilmDE: Khalil Slaughter

Khalil Slaughter is a personal trainer (A Lil Push Fitness) and fitness instructor at HiLo House. He is also our newest It’s Time reporter! Read his story as our latest #PeopleOfWilmDE!

Khalil Slaughter is our newest It’s Time reporter!

“I was born in Philly and moved to Delco when I was 13. After graduating high school, I co-founded the band Roots In Stereo in 2010. We performed over 100 shows and had gone on two East Coast tours before disbanding in 2012. I started releasing music as a solo artist in 2013 before going on hiatus in 2021. I’m extremely passionate about creating music. I’m surprisingly a big metalhead. I moved to Wilmington in 2015. I started instructing in HiLo house in April 2022, teaching the VersaClimber method. I was certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in October 2023 and officially launched A Lil Push Fitness in January 2024.

I moved to Wilmington for a new beginning. It’s a great place to raise a family and the tax-free shopping is a big plus. I also love how green and diverse it is.

I absolutely love the scenery Wilmington offers. I believe El Diablo absolutely trumps all Tex-Mex spots and I love my Brew Haha! We are so spoiled here. Don’t even get me started on Merengue House and their empanadas.

My favorite Wilmington attractions are the parks. I love walking to clear my head. It helps me stay in the present which I find to be very therapeutic. My favorite event in Wilmington was Saint Helena’s carnival before it was discontinued.

I like to start my Friday night off with an upside-down pizza with pepperoni from Pizzeria Bardea and an ice-cold beer with my wife and daughter. Then we take a stroll through Rockwood Park with our pup. After that, we head over to the Ice Cream Shoppe to get a waffle wheel with sprinkles, obviously. I end the night by going home and watching Max in the living room. I’m easy.

I’m excited about all the upcoming outdoor festivities from the Flower Market to the Italian Festival. I also love summer nights at Hagley.

I would love to see more outdoor attractions to promote physical activity. I’m excited about the Ninja Warrior Park opening at Alapocas. I would love to see more events geared towards getting the children moving more which would reduce screen time and promote a healthier social climate.

One of my proudest moments was recently completing the Girls on The Run 5k at Rockford Park. I had the privilege of running with my daughter, who came in first for her school, which was a huge accomplishment for her. Life is good.

I get a rush from helping people achieve their fitness goals as a personal trainer. I’m still on a fitness journey myself and it’s been the most humbling experience. I’ve struggled with my weight throughout the years and have an enormous amount of empathy for people who are trying to overcome what may appear to be insurmountable. I have some of the best clients who have become great friends and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else at this point.

The community in Wilmington is an open door for a lot of opportunities. I’ve met so many incredible people that have pointed me in the right direction to get where I am today and I am very grateful for them all.

My advice to people is to always remember that the only competition out here is yourself. Take it day by day. Life is just now starting to make sense to me at 33 years old so keep an open mind. Stop acting like you know everything. There’s always room for self-improvement. We’re all trying our best out here. Be good to yourself.”

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