#PeopleOfWilmDE: Kamil Bass

Kamil Bass is the founder of Eat Clean Juice Bar, well as this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE! Read his story below:  

“I grew up in Newark, NJ and during my childhood I visited Wilmington often to visit my grandparents. After working in the transportation industry in New Jersey for a few years, I decided to move to Wilmington to open what is now Eat Clean. Three interesting facts about me are that I enjoy cooking, reading is my favorite pastime, and I just completed the Philadelphia Marathon!

Kamil Bass of Wilmington, DE

I choose to live and work in Wilmington because I believe it’s a community of progressive people and I enjoy how the city is changing. Being in Wilmington has allowed me to have a platform to provide healthy products to the community and that’s gratifying on a personal level.

I like to start my Friday night with sushi at Mikimotos then drinks at Suite 411. On Saturday mornings I usually start with a smoothie and ginger shot at Eat Clean. Mid mornings I do a 5-mile run at Brandywine Park, followed by lunch at Jerry Deen’s where my favorite is the salmon sliders. Sundays are usually a chill day for me. My favorite Wilmington attraction is the Art Loop that’s held once a month. I think it’s a very creative event and allows a space where people from all professions can come together and enjoy art. 

One of my proudest moments of being a Wilmingtonian was opening my first business in a place where I have so many childhood memories. This will always be special to me and enjoy having the opportunity to serve this community daily.

I’m excited about the revitalization that’s going on in Wilmington, which is also bringing more small business to the city and helping the community. I would like to see more community centers that teach the youth more about technology, financial literacy, agriculture, and health.

I would like to encourage people living and working in Wilmington to give back to the city. Whether it is dining out, attending a show or festival, or experiencing the art museums. All of it is a part of giving back to the city and it helps the city grow.”

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