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I’m Joshua Hollingsworth, Curator and Gallery Coordinator at the Delaware College of Art and Design, and I wear many hats in the community by way of my agency, Unified Creative Exchange, a creative management agency + gallery, where I provide support to visual artists and local businesses. I am a proud Wilmington Native and have been working downtown for the past six years.

I was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, as well as the majority of my family. Following my studies in photography at the Delaware College of Art and Design, I landed my dream job working in a contemporary art museum; the Delaware Contemporary. My tenure there has been so nourishing to my growth as a creative and professional leader in my community. With being a new entrepreneur, I don’t see myself leaving Wilmington anytime soon. The opportunities and the freedom to create new and innovative opportunities are what keep me here.

Downtown Wilmington has become one of my favorite places to be. To name a single favorite attraction would be hard. When downtown, I have the pleasure of work and play! From free art galleries like Delaware College of Art and Design and the Delaware Contemporary, diverse lunch and dinner options at Del Pez or the Deco, and loads of fun at Constitution Yards and the Chancery Market, Wilmington has it all.

I like to start my weekends off with a Friday night drink and bite at Lounge at Eighth, continued by whatever events Wilmington has to offer on Saturday. And a laidback stroll and coffee from one of Wilmington’s many cafes.

3 Interesting facts about me would be: 

  1. My last name, “Hollingsworth” can be found on an old manufacturing building, street sign, and mural at Starbucks, all Wilmington’s Riverfront.
  2. I am trained and experienced in film and darkroom photography
  3. I have a cat named Peanut

As a curator and gallery coordinator, I’m excited about the increase in opportunities for our visual artists in Wilmington. Right now, so many businesses are opening their doors for community engagement with local artists. It’s refreshing to see art as a respectable form of expression and income more and more throughout Wilmington.

With the growth happening in Wilmington (business entities and population), I would like to see more seasoned professionals in leadership roles, lean on and support the ideas and suggestions of our young millennials, also in leadership roles. There are new, diverse, and innovative ways of getting things done and they should be embraced.

My proudest Wilmingtonian moment happened when I decided to leave full-time work this past June to manage my own agency and gallery. That transition was a scary one, but wouldn’t have been possible or sustainable without the support and recognition from my community.

My advice for those living and working in Wilmington, I encourage you to embrace what the city has to offer. Stay true to your vision and plan.

You can follow Joshua on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. And stay up to date with Delaware College of Art & Design & Unified Creative Exchange!

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