#PeopleOfWilmDE: Joe Valenti

Joe Valenti is Marketing Manager for the Riverfront Development Corporation, as well as this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE! Read his story below:  

Joe Valenti of Wilmington, DE

“After interning with the Philadelphia Phillies when I graduated college, I took a full-time ticket sales position with the Blue Rocks. I ended up working there for 10 seasons, mainly as their Director of Marketing and Entertainment. In 2016, I left the Rocks to take the newly formed marketing position with the RDC. I was excited to be a part of all the great things happening on the Riverfront.

My time working on the Riverfront has made up almost all of my professional career, and where I gained the experience and knowledge I have today. Personally, I have met countless incredible people who have become close friends.

Some fun facts about me include:

1. My parents owned a restaurant when I was growing up, where I worked throughout my childhood. I can still make a really good sauce from scratch, and am an excellent pizza maker.

2. I really enjoy watching cheesy old sci-fi movies and shows from the 50’s and 60’s, and my favorite show is the original Twilight Zone.

3. My initial job interview with the Wilmington Blue Rocks was the first time I stepped foot in Delaware.

While at the Blue Rocks, I worked with Team Ghost Riders, the traveling Cowboy Monkey Rodeo show that would perform on the field. I became close with the trainer, and he presented one of the dogs to me on the field after a game. He retires the dogs when they turn five, so Shot was given to me and has become a part of our family. We have had Shot for over 6 years now, and he is still doing well and enjoying his retirement.

One of the great things about Wilmington is that it feels like everyone knows each other. Make connections with people in the community whenever possible.

Joe with his dog Shot

Despite not being a native Delawarean, I have made so many close connections here, and continue to be really proud of what the RDC is able to accomplish.

Obviously I am biased, but the Riverwalk at Riverfront Wilmington is my favorite place to be in the city. I enjoy walking along the river and taking in the sites. So, I would probably start my ideal day by bringing my daughters to the Delaware Children’s Museum or Riverwalk Mini Golf, followed by dinner and drinks at Del Pez or Big Fish Grill.

Again, I am biased, but I continue to be amazed with the growth and progress we continue to

make on the Riverfront. There have been so many great attractions, restaurants, and areas of interest for all different types of people added to the area over the past few years, and we have so much more planned for the future. The soon to be developed Riverfront East will transform the east side of the Riverfront, and the growth of the area will be exponential.

I think the city is moving in a great direction, and I would hope to see that continue. We are consistently bringing in new attractions and points of interest for a wide variety of people, and with that new opportunities as well.”

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