#PeopleOfWilmDE: Jessica Wescott

Jessica Wescott is the Executive Director & Founder of Planting to Feed Inc., as well as a Services Delivery Manager at SAP. Because of her dedication to our community, she is this week’s #PeopleofWilmDE. Read her story below!

Jessica Wescott is the founder of Planting to Feed Inc. in Wilmington DE
Jess is the founder of Planting to Feed Inc.

“I’ve lived in Wilmington since 2016, but I am originally from the Philly suburbs. I attended Wesley College for undergrad, after graduating I moved to Wilmington and attended Wilmington University for my MBA. I had never lived in a city, and I knew I wanted to stay in Delaware, so Wilmington was where I decided I wanted to be; lots of restaurants, parks, events, opportunities, etc. Rodney Square in the summertime is one of my favorite places… I just love seeing all the people out and about, and some of the great events give a good excuse to get out of the house. My favorite memories are nights out in Trolley, or enjoying the restaurants on a nice day. Honestly, Wilmington is a vibe for me. 

I have been volunteering and running Planting to Feed out of Riverside; that community holds the key to my heart in Wilmington. Living here is one of the reasons I started my nonprofit. The community, the support, the family; it was all such a large imprint on my life. Last year, I created a new Instagram page because I realized how many different things I was doing in many facets of my life. I am involved with my local church, I am a member of the Junior League of Wilmington, I sit on my College’s Alumni Board, I am active in my sorority (Delta Phi Epsilon), and I started Planting to Feed Inc. My proudest moment used to be starting P2F, now the proudest moment was being the FIRST Community Fridge in the State of Delaware, offering our community access to quality foods 24/7. 

Jessica Wescott of Wilmington, DE
Jess Wescott of Wilmington, DE

Although I am not originally from Wilmington or even Delaware, I love that everyone welcomed me and am grateful I am able to make an impact on the city through my nonprofit. This is a great time to be a Delawarean and an even greater time to be in Wilmington! There are so many amazing things happening in and for the community. I am looking forward to being able to come together and celebrate all that is happening! As we get back out there, my biggest concern is making sure that everyone has access to quality foods. I haven’t stopped volunteering and serving my community through the pandemic, and I believe following protocol, utilizing PPE, and maintaining social distancing will keep me and my loved ones safe. 

I feel privileged to be able to support the community in Wilmington. I tell people that serving in Wilmington fuels my soul, and what an honor to be able to do something you love. My advice for the people of Wilmington is to put the community first. Listen to their stories and their needs.”

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