#PeopleOfWilmDE: Jasmine Rochester “The Bar Chief”

Jasmine Rochester came to Delaware from Chester, Pennsylvania and graduated from Christiana High School in 2009. She has been a bartender in Old New Castle, where she perfected her entry for The Wilmington Cocktail Contest! Because she went on to win The People’s Choice Award with over 9,300 votes, she is this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE. Read her story below.

“I was born and raised in Chester, PA. I moved here for a better education and environment away from where I came from. I graduated from Christiana High School in 2009 and I attended Delaware Technical Community College in Wilmington for a couple years to be a Physical Therapy Assistant. I didn’t get my degree, but it’s still in the works. Before I got into bartending I worked in retail at the Christiana Mall for many years; H&M, BEBE, and Michael Kors. I just returned to Newark from the West Coast (CA and AZ). 

Jasmine Rochester is the face of “The Bar Chief”, a local cocktail/bartending service.

Wilmington is a forever changing, growing city. It’s small but it has so much to offer. I love the creative inclusive culture, the impressive history, and the overall vibe the city gives off. There’s always something to do whether it’s going to a museum, finding great eats and cocktails, or taking a stroll in one of the many beautiful parks we have. Working and living in the city is just a bonus, you’re right where the action is! 

The fact that Wilmington has so much to offer without you having to leave home is amazing. I love to move around, I’ve lived in Miami, LA, and Arizona and living in Wilmington has helped me be more open to my surroundings. I know that not everyone can travel and go here and there but when you learn about where you live, you’ll discover so much; the activities are endless. Wilmington has helped build my confidence as a bartender and creator. Within the community there’s so much support and It’s Time Wilmington is a great example! 

I am hopeful that Wilmington will continue to grow and blossom. Wilmington is a beautiful city with a great history and we often get overlooked! Now we are the HOTUS! Wilmington will definitely be buzzing the next 4 years and more! I see great things. 

I am so ready for the world to ‘open back up!’ I hope that we can make a positive transition into going back to our daily lives, opening our business’s back up, and just the overall recovery of a crazy year because we all went through this together. I hope, wish, and pray that the next 4 years isn’t like the last 4 years. 

Some of my favorite memories in the city include my family doing ‘Back to School’ givebacks to the community. My family fills up cool book bags with school supplies. We’ll have music and food so people can come out, have a good time, and get school essentials! 

Rochesters winning submission for The People’s Choice Award grossed 9,000 votes!

Another memorable moment for me was during the Black Lives Matter movement over the summer. Watching the city come together during a tough time along with the rest of the world to march and protest and stand up for their beliefs and what’s right. I was protesting from Arizona! 

Definitely right now being the HOTUS (Hometown of the United States) is a great memory! And of course being THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE RECIPIENT of The Wilmington Cocktail Contest! 

Wilmington is a tough, culturally diverse, evolving city. Love where you live and work! Give back, volunteer, participate! A city is nothing without its people. Wilmingtonians are in the spotlight now! Wilmington is a great place to live, work, and play! It’s time the world knows that too, and want to come visit, of course!”

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