#PeopleOfWilmDE: Jamal Jenkins

Jamal Jenkins is Shift Lead/Heart of House at Limestone BBQ & Bourbon and is this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE. Read his story below.

“I used to live in Philly.  It’s way different from Wilmington.  I met the love of my life back in 2006 and I would go back and forth from Philly to Wilmington to see her.  Finally, we decided that I should just move to Wilmington, we would move in together, and I would start a career in Wilmington.  

The Riverfront stands out as my preferred attraction in Wilmington, offering a multitude of activities. I particularly enjoy walking along the Riverfront, engaging in exercise, and enjoying the overall peaceful atmosphere. During weekends or the occasional night out, my ideal plan involves inviting my partner on a dressed-up date. We’d opt for a fantastic seafood restaurant, enjoy each other’s company, and conclude the evening with a leisurely stroll.

3 surprising facts about me:

  1. I love to cook (lol)
  2. I’m afraid of heights
  3. I’m a huge 80’s Pop fan

Wilmington, in contrast to the hustle of Philly, provides me with serenity and abundant opportunities for personal and professional growth. The city has been instrumental in strengthening my relationship with my partner and fostering my culinary passion at High 5 Hospitality, where I’ve learned diverse cooking styles.

Looking ahead, my vision for the next year or 5-10 years for Wilmington’s growth would include increased affordable housing, efforts to attract businesses for job opportunities, and the development of cultural and recreational spaces to enhance community engagement and overall quality of life.

While many dislike construction, I’m excited about Wilmington’s ongoing developments. Improved roads and potential growth in businesses and restaurants are promising outcomes. 

My proudest moment of being a Wimingtonian is simply the fact that I took a huge chance in moving here – switching careers and such.  Then landing a great opportunity for my career. That coupled with my relationship getting stronger has put me in a place where I am very grateful.

To those living and working in Wilmington, I encourage you to consistently pursue excellence. Wilmington presents ample opportunities for both success and fulfillment; it simply requires a dedicated exploration of your passions. As a community, we are ambassadors for Wilmington, and as we immerse ourselves in what we love, appreciate the open spaces, and engage in cultural opportunities, we play a part in shaping this city into a remarkable environment for individuals, couples, and families alike. Let’s foster kindness and collectively work towards making Wilmington an exceptional place to call home.”

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