#PeopleOfWilmDE: Jaime Eyen

Jaime Eyen is Senior Branch Manager at M&T Bank’s 10th & Market Street branch in Wilmington well as this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE! Read her story below:  

Jamie Eyen of Wilmington, DE

“Following graduation from then-Philadelphia University (now Thomas Jefferson University), I started my professional career as a retail manager at Macy’s. From there, I moved on to several managerial roles at Enterprise Rent-A-Car before finding my way into the financial services sector. I worked at two banks before joining the M&T family in 2018.

I knew I wanted to work in Downtown Wilmington after hearing positive stories from friends and colleagues who live and work here. When I learned about an opportunity opening up at the 10th & Market Street branch in Wilmington, I jumped on it. Four months into this role, I couldn’t be happier.

While there is no doubt that Wilmington is the place for business, those new to the city may be surprised to discover its vibrant arts and culture scene. Wilmington has so much to offer from museums to art galleries. There is something for everyone to explore.

Wilmington is profoundly unique. The business community is diverse, tight-knit, and supportive of one-another–unlike any other city I’ve ever worked in. Regardless of their bottom-line, business owners depend on trusted and meaningful relationships to help them thrive. I’m proud to be a part of the team at M&T helping to make their dreams possible.

When the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us, I hope that more employees across Wilmington will come back to the office in some form. Not only will we be better connected to one another, but be able to more regularly support the small businesses around the city.

A special memory is the first time I went out for dinner with my M&T Bank colleagues. We went around the corner from our branch to Tonic Seafood & Steak in the heart of Wilmington. It’s amazing and immediately became my favorite restaurant. Now, I recommend it to everyone!

The 34th Annual Clifford Brown Jazz Festival this past August was incredible. My colleagues and I walked around Rodney Square taking in lively music from legendary musicians. The event encompasses what I love most about the city–its rich culture. I’m already looking forward to the 2022 festival!

In my role as Senior Branch Manager, I manage a team of four at M&T Bank’s 10th & Market Street branch in Wilmington. Reflective of the diverse communities we serve, our team understands what’s important to our local customers and works tirelessly to help individuals, families, small and large business owners make the best financial decisions to achieve their goals.

As a former small business owner myself, I bring a unique perspective to our customers in Wilmington. I know firsthand the stress they feel about making the right decisions to grow and scale their business. I’m able to anticipate potential challenges and offer creative solutions, oftentimes before a business owner has spotted the problem themselves.

The past 18 months have been hard not only on small business owners, but parents as well. I had my first child during the pandemic and have learned it can be difficult to manage the day-to- day, especially as a working parent.

We are living during a historic time. What I’ve learned from Wilmingtonians is that when COVID- 19 is behind us, people will remember how others treated them. They will tell their children and grandchildren about the people who showed kindness and went the extra mile. That’s what our family at M&T is doing. We’re helping small business owners and families make the dream of homeownership a reality during a time when they never thought it was possible. We’re getting individuals back on their feet after layoffs. The Wilmington community is resilient and I am confident we will come out of the pandemic stronger than we were before.”

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