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India Sage Williams is the Brand Manager for Currie Hair, Skin and Nails, Owner of India Sage Media Agency, a Brand Strategist, and a Content Creator. She is this week’s #PeopleofWilmDE. Read her story below. 

“I’m India Sage Williams, and I wear many hats in Wilmington. By day, I’m a Brand Manager at Currie Hair, Skin, and Nails, and I also run my own India Sage Media Agency, where I work as a brand strategist and content creator. I’ve been a proud Wilmington resident for the past four years. In addition to my professional roles, I’m also involved in volunteer work with harpersheart.org.

India Sage
India Sage

One of my absolute favorite spots in Wilmington is the Riverfront. It’s a place that resonates with me deeply due to its sheer beauty and the sense of tranquility. The river walk, the diverse range of shops, and the thriving local businesses that surround it truly create a sense of community. The Riverfront is where I often find peace of mind and endless inspiration.

The Grand Wilmington is another gem that holds a special place in my heart. It was here that I had the opportunity to host my very first pre-recorded talk show, ‘Everyday People.’ This experience allowed me to build invaluable connections with the wonderfully diverse Wilmington and Delaware community. These connections have been a driving force behind my journey as a supporter of Delaware’s business owners, creators, and their incredible stories.

Being an art enthusiast and someone deeply involved in the community, I’ve always held great admiration for The Delaware Contemporary. What stands out is how this institution consistently collaborates with various organizations and the community. It’s at The Delaware Contemporary that I premiered my very first documentary, ‘Black History 365,’ during my time as a journalist and producer. This project was sponsored by the City of Wilmington, and it allowed me to contribute to the rich tapestry of our city’s cultural landscape.

And last but certainly not least, let’s talk about the remarkable transformation of The Wilmington Library. It has completely redefined what a community library can be. I’m impressed by how it has rebranded itself and attracted numerous celebrities, movie stars, business professionals, musicians, and influential leaders to connect with Wilmingtonians. Their efforts have brought a beacon of inspiration to our community, and I deeply appreciate their role in reshaping the narrative of our city.

Now, let me share three interesting and perhaps surprising facts about myself:

  1. I was born in a refugee camp in Ghana, West Africa, yet I’ve never had the chance to meet my birth family. 
  2. I was incredibly fortunate to be adopted by an amazing family who I hold dear and who have played a pivotal role in my personal and professional growth. 
  3. My two-year-old toddler and I share the same middle name; his name is Lotus Sage Williams.

When it comes to an ideal night out in Wilmington, here’s what I’d recommend: I start my Friday night off with some fantastic food or maybe some mocktails at Bardea or Bardea Steak. Next, head over to The Queen for an event, especially if it’s hosted by a community organizer or by the Influencers Lab. Finally, as the night winds down, I love to stroll through the lively streets of Wilmington, maybe snapping some photos and capturing some last-minute content to remember the night. By around 10 or 11 pm, I’d usually call it a night.

My journey to Wilmington began with being born in Ghana, and it’s a city that has truly become my home. Professionally and personally, Wilmington has played a crucial role in my life. I’m excited about the rise in entrepreneurship happening in Wilmington right now. It’s inspiring to see a growing community of innovative individuals and businesses taking root in the city, contributing to its economic and cultural vibrancy. This effort can lead to new opportunities and job creation, which is definitely something to look forward to.

I’m also immensely proud of the resilience and creativity of Black entrepreneurs contributing to the city. Many of them are now beginning to reap the rewards of their hard work and are finally receiving the recognition they deserve. It’s beautiful to see the city’s efforts to spotlight and include their voices in the conversation, and this inclusivity is incredibly empowering.

Looking ahead, I’d like to see Wilmington undergo a transformation where it’s recognized as a city of opportunity, community support, and collaboration. I hope to see more opportunities for individuals to establish themselves personally and professionally in Wilmington. I’d like to witness a stronger sense of community and connection among Wilmington’s residents. This could involve more community events and platforms for people to engage and collaborate on shared interests and causes. Personally, I want to continue to showcase and promote a culture of collaboration among business owners and creators, encouraging partnerships, resource-sharing, and mutual support.

One of my proudest moments as a Wilmingtonian has been my decision to return to the city and witness the growth happening here. This growth isn’t just about physical development; it’s about witnessing a shift in the collective mindset. Before leaving, I had the opportunity to begin diving into the stories of the people who contributed to this city’s growth through my talk show, ‘Everyday People’ at The Grand. Now, I plan to continue this conversation online in a new and refreshing way through my ‘Come With Me’ series, which will further spotlight the incredible stories and journeys of our fellow Wilmingtonians.

My advice for people living and working in Wilmington is to embrace the city with a tourist’s mindset, regardless of how long you’ve been here. Wake up each day with fresh eyes, as if you’re exploring a new place.”

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