#PeopleofWilmDE: Harp & Hare

Harp & Hare crafts extraordinary events that elevate, celebrate, and connect communities. They create memorable experiences that inspire, empower, and enrich. Their team is featured as this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE. Meet the owners of Harp & Hare: Courtney Thorton, Chief Marketing Officer; Crystin Liboma, Chief Finance Officer; Brittanie Blackwell, Chief Operating Officer; Lindsey Thompson, Chief Design Officer. Read their story below.

“All four of us grew up in Bear/Newark. When Crystin first purchased a home in Wilmington in 2017, many people warned her that it was a bad idea because (they thought) Wilmington is dangerous. However, after purchasing her home, many of the people who criticized Crystin’s choice quickly ate their words and saw the value of home ownership in Wilmington. Many of her friends and family began to search for investment and residential homes in Wilmington. In fact, for Crystin and Courtney, purchasing our first homes right in the city is one of our proudest life moments.

We love the food and the culture in Wilmington. Events like the Clifford Brown Jazz Fest and the Italian Festival are always fun outings. The festivals are what we’re excited about that’s going on right now! We’ve noticed more and more festivals have been in Wilmington. Wilmington is the mecca of outings and fun in Delaware. It’s the most ideal place to start a business!

Harp & Hare of Wilmington, Delaware

Wilmington Brew Works has become our favorite Wilmington attraction. Before discovering WBW’s brews, we weren’t beer enthusiasts, but now we can’t get enough! They host a range of events including Drag Bingo, Turntable Tuesday, and weekend food truck gatherings.

An ideal itinerary for a night out in Wilmington starts with drinks at The Quoin, then a walk down to the Garden at Bardea (on a Thursday) or Bardea (indoors on other days) for a bite to eat.

Wilmington has helped us be where we are today professionally since there’s a large population of adult youth in Wilmington who are looking for fun things to do. Our luxury picnics and events do well in this city, as people are always looking for fun and unique things to do.

Harp & Hare loves giving back. ‘Cycle of Change’ is a campaign we started to gather donations of period products to girls in Zambia to prevent them from dropping out of school due to lack of access. Also, we’ve partnered with the Make-A-Wish foundation to provide luxury picnic experiences for children with terminal illnesses. Two of us (Crystin and Courtney) are also on the board for Junior Achievement.

We’d love to see an emphasis on wellness in Wilmington moving forward. More wellness events, outdoor farmers markets, yoga studios, etc.

Advice we’d give to Wilmingtonians? Get to know the people in your city. Wilmington is very small, but there is a lot of camaraderie here. You could easily run into a coworker, board member, client, etc. Spread love everywhere you go.”

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