#PeopleOfWilmDE: Enrique J Morás

Enrique J. Morás is a Publisher at Syncretic Press, as well as this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE! Read his story below:  

Enrique J Morás of Wilmington, DE
Photo by: Joe del Tufo

“I was born in Uruguay. At 16 I traveled to the US to finish my high school (in Bethesda, MD). From there I went to Spain for college and later decided to stay and start working. After a few years I decided to come back to the US where I worked for the financial industry in different markets along the East coast. One of those markets was Baltimore, where I lived for 4 years. In Baltimore, at a tapas restaurant, I fell in love with the waitress. She was hot, smart and she served me the best carajillo (coffee with cognac) I had tasted in years. Important fact here, she was born and raised in Wilmington! By the time she brought me the check I was already planning our first trip together… Sometime later we moved to Philadelphia and then, already married and with a baby on the way, to Boston. In 2016 after several years in the financial industry I moved on to follow my passion for literature: I founded Syncretic Press. At that moment we decided to move to Wilmington. My wife’s family was here and we both like the small town feel and relaxed atmosphere of the community here.

Three facts about me are: I can make some mean paella, I made it all the way to the plaza at the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, and I ran the marathon, from Marathon to Athens, during the 2500 years anniversary edition.

Personal and business wise Wilmington is ideal for us. We have friends and family close by, and for my business, Wilmington is in a privileged location, almost half way between Washington DC and New York, which are 2 important markets for us.

The size of the city as well as the approachable nature of everybody here helps you connect with a lot of people. Publishing, same as most industries, is about your ability to connect your product (or service) to the right decision makers. Wilmington makes all that ‘connecting’ much easier.

I am very excited that theaters and other performing arts are starting to reopen. Art in all its manifestations is the heartbeat of a city. It is the way we celebrate, mourn and think as a community. I think the return of different forms of public art will help us start healing from the pandemic.

I would love to see Wilmington lead the way nationwide in creating a new generation of community centers that become beacons of hope, art, education and culture in the city neighborhood. Planting and maintaining more trees in low income neighborhoods would also be great.

One of my proudest moments of being a Wilmingtonian is that we are the home of the POTUS! In times when the Republic is being attacked, I see Biden coming forward to safeguard the democratic institutions. A bit like following the path of Rodney when he traveled sick from Dover to Philadelphia to cast the vote to break the tie for independence.

Lastly, be proud of the city. It is not about the buildings, but about its people, its challenges and, most importantly, how us, Wilmingtonians, solve those problems and treat each other.”

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