#PeopleOfWilmDE: Cheryl and Christopher Mack

This week, we welcome Cheryl and Christopher Mack, the Co-Owners of Bridge Art Gallery, to Wilmington as #PeopleOfWilmDE. Read their story below. 

“We relocated to Delaware in December of 2021 for a change of scenery and a better quality of life from the New York City Tri-State Area. Delaware is perfectly located between New York City and Washington, DC. Two areas that we conduct a great deal of business.

We were already familiar with the area because we have family members located in Delaware. We have traveled to Delaware to visit from time to time.

Initially, we thought Wilmington was a sleepy Mid-Atlantic city, however, we are thrilled to discover Wilmington’s vibrant cultural scene. We have enjoyed concerts, art exhibitions, and fine dining in Wilmington…and we are just getting started! Wilmington has the warm hospitality of a southern city with a thriving art and cultural scene often found in northern metropolitan areas. 

We are looking forward to experiencing all of the summer activities…festivals, fairs, outdoor concerts, dining alfresco…we simply can’t wait to explore the city. The Clifford Brown Jazz Festival was such an incredible experience. Tina Betz created such a spectacular event with jazz legends in an intimate setting. Rodney Square is the perfect location that highlights Wilmington’s charm.

We look forward to growing within the Wilmington arts and cultural community. Everyone has extended a helping hand. Wilmington is growing and expanding as a city, we look forward to being a part of its continued growth.”

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