#PeopleOfWilmDE: Brandon Wilson

Brandon Wilson is a Wilmingtonian by transplant; he moved here over 4 years ago from Baltimore to pursue love! He is a hair stylist at the new Currie Hair, Skin,and Nails in the Du Pont Building in Downtown Wilmington, Delaware. Because of his love for the city and clientele, he is this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE! Read his story below.

“Coming to Wilmington is one of my favorite stories to tell because I also have to share my love story. I’m originally from Baltimore and have lived there for most of my life. A little over 6 years ago I met my now husband Oba Jackson through Instagram. I was extremely hesitant to come to Wilmington to meet him face to face and he felt the same about coming to Baltimore to meet me so we FaceTimed for an entire year every night. Eventually I gave in, drove to Wilmington and spent the entire day with him. It’s a day I will never forget. A little over a year later in 2016 Oba proposed, and a few weeks prior to our engagement I was officially a Wilmingtonian.  We currently live and work in Wilmington, Oba owns a tattoo studio Push Tattoo at 8 W 3rd street, and I’m minutes away at the DuPont building where I work as a hair stylist at Currie Hair, Skin, and Nails.

Wilson works as a hair stylist at the new Currie Hair, Skin and Nails in the Du Pont Building.

It was my husband who made me fall in love with Wilmington. Hearing his childhood stories of growing up in Wilmington and all the amazing history of the city I became seriously intrigued and curious. I remember when I first moved here I would spend the day on my bike just riding around the city exploring different neighborhoods and historic landmarks.

Living and working in Wilmington has really worked in my benefit professionally. I  connect with so many different people of different backgrounds allowing me to build a super diverse clientele and really connect with my clients on a personal level. Prior to actually working in Wilmington I worked in Glen Mills, PA at another Currie location. Randy Currie approached me about a new location that would now be our DuPont building location. I was extremely excited and quickly accepted his offer! Now being in Wilmington, I love when my clients give me recommendations on new places I have to visit in the city or activities they think I would find interesting. 

I love being active in the community and have volunteered to do hair for young ladies who have never had their hair professionally done. I’ve held classes to educate girls on hair care & the importance of keeping a routine to maintain healthy hair. It brings me joy to provide young people with the tools to enhance their self esteem and learn self care.

The future of Wilmington looks bright and I’m so excited for it. I see my very own neighborhood changing for the better with new apartments, restaurants, and offices. I am hopeful that Wilmington will be a hub for young professionals and a destination for great restaurants and other attractions. 

As we slowly get back to some sort of normalcy, I’m looking forward to nights on the town again. Restaurants and bars have really taken a hit these past months and I’d love to get back to socializing at some of my favorite places.

Getting back to life as we know it is going to be a challenge for all, my main concern is small business recuperating revenue and clientele they lost in the past months.

One of my most memorable evenings would have to be the night of our wedding. This day/ night was very special because a lot of my family and friends had never visited Wilmington. We exchanged vows at the Sugar Bowl (the big white pavilion in Brandywine Park) and went for drinks and laughs at Ernest and Scott. It was awesome sharing the new found love I had for Wilmington with the ones I love.” 

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Currie Salon Wilmington Delaware
Currie Salon Wilmington Delaware
Currie Salon Wilmington Delaware
Currie Salon Wilmington Delaware
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