#PeopleOfWilmDE: Anthony Easterling

Anthony Easterling has worked for the Wilmington Police Department for 24 years. As a former Marine, current Mason, and community leader he continues to choose Wilmington to watch it grow and thrive. Because of his passion and pride in our city, and the incredible example he sets for Wilmingtonians, he is this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE.

Anthony Easterling with Joe and Beau Biden
Easterling with long time friends President Elect Joe Biden and his son, Beau Biden.

“I am very active in the community. I am a member of the NOBLE National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #1 member, a Delaware Association of Police member, and The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Delaware Prince Hall Mason. 

I used to visit my sister and her husband and kids in Wilmington starting back in 1978. I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. I ended up in Wilmington, Delaware after being Honorably Discharged from The United States Marine Corps in 1987. I attended and graduated Delaware Technical Community College and graduated as the First African American Student Government President earning My Associates Degree in Business Administration Management & Marketing. I currently work In the Downtown Business Improvement District for The Wilmington Police Department which is the First Police Department to be formed in The State of Delaware. I am a 24 Year veteran of the Wilmington Police Department. 

I continue to choose Wilmington to work and live in because of the emergence of the city in many different facets.  I’ve seen Wilmington at its worst when The Dupont Company cut back massive employment, and watch MBNA Bank inject life back into the City of Wilmington, only to dissolve, and now see The BPG Buccini Pollin Group along with EJ Deseta pump life back into the home in which they were born. The emergence of the people of Wilmington and the Riverfront Development Corporation gave new life to Wilmington. It is also the home of our new President-Elect Joseph Biden, who has always been a personal friend to me and my family. His son Beau Biden was a dear friend and adopted sibling to my family. I actually started to leave Wilmington, Delaware after going through a rough patch. I was encouraged to stay and live in the City of Wilmington by then Senator Joseph Biden, City Councilwoman Loretta Walsh, and then State Representative/former Mayor Dennis P. Williams. I served as former Mayor Williams’ Executive Protection Detail during his time as mayor of The City of Wilmington, Delaware. 

Easterling is passionate about seeing our city thrive!

Wilmington helped me be where I am today because the people allowed me to put my finger on the pulse of the City as a Law Enforcement Official who has had many positions within the Wilmington Police Department. My positions have included Executive Protection, Patrol Functions, Vice Squad, Honor Guard, Marine Unit, and my very favorite Community Policing Unit created by then Chief Samuel D. Pratcher. After serving in the Mayor’s Office I returned back to Community Policing work in the Downtown Business Improvement District where life is re-emerging like a newborn child finding its way to grow. It is an amazing time. 

We are actually experiencing the growth and development (of our city) right before our very own eyes. It’s happening right now all we have to do is look at it and realize that this is a teachable moment in life which no syllabus can explain. Respect one another, love one another, give unto others and you would have them give unto you. Faith, hope & charity will get us through everything that man requires to survive. Give back, look forward, and carry along greatness that is within you and watch how life changes you for the better.”

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