#PeopleOfWilmDE: Amanda Mandatta

Amanda Mandatta is the Employee Experience Coordinator at The Chemours Company and new to Wilmington! She is also this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE. Read more of her story below.

“I have worked in Wilmington for about a year combined. I previously worked with the Henrietta Johnson Medical Center in Southbridge as a Case Manager, and now I work at The Chemours Company as the Employee Experience Coordinator. It is my job to plan, host, and advertise events that Chemours employees can engage in to make the Wilmington office a place where they want to be. This fosters them both personally and professionally instead of making the ‘office’ a place where they HAVE to be, but WANT to be.

Three interesting facts about me are:

  1. My music taste is vast! From Frankie Vali and the Four Seasons to The Notorious B.I.G, to Led Zeppelin, to Johnny Cash, to Miley Cyrus. I’ll listen to just about anything with a good beat!
  2. I have a huge vinyl collection.
  3. 75% of my closet is second-hand/thrifted. Go sustainable fashion!

I grew up in New Jersey but spent most of my summers traveling down to the Delaware beaches. Then when it was time to go to college, I fell in love with the University of Delaware! Throughout school, most of my professional endeavors landed in New Castle County. When one of my college roommates said there was an exciting new opening at the company she worked for, Chemours, I decided to apply!

My favorite Wilmington attraction is Constitution Yards Beer Garden. I absolutely love it there! The atmosphere is so open and free and I love being by the water. I love the sustainability aspect of repurposing old shipping containers too and you cannot beat live music!

I’m particularly interested in exploring the Downtown Wilmington Farmers Market (which I haven’t experienced yet!) I love farmers markets because they are a one-stop shop for produce and fresh food as well as creative pieces, all from local vendors. Getting to explore different shops all while outdoors in the sunshine is a lethal combination for an outdoorsy shopping maniac like me! 

I love giving back and currently, I’m involved with an amazing team of passionate individuals for a nonprofit called Native Nourishment. While I was in school at the University of Delaware, I helped to create Native Nourishment with other students. Native Nourishment increases healthy food accessibility and sovereignty for East-Coast Indigenous tribes, anchored in a listen-first mentality. We tailor our services to the unique needs of each tribe, increasing food security by creating sustainable support systems for existing Native food and agricultural programs.

Amanda Mandatta of Wilmington, DE

My ideal night out in Wilmington would be to start off with a daily special at Chelsea Tavern, $12 Flight Night. Flight Night is a build your own (5) six ounce pour flight. After our beer tasting extravaganza, we will head down to the Riverfront to walk along the boardwalk and maybe stop at Constitution Yards to see the live band. For more food and of course dessert we’ll stop at the Riverfront Market or stop at Timothy’s on the Riverfront. Timothy’s and their french onion soup has a special place in my heart because it was our go to bar on a rainy day while still in school at UD!

Wilmington has so much to do in such a small radius! Where I grew up, you had to drive to most places, sidewalks were few and far between. So, a small city fuels my need for walkable infrastructure. Working in the Downtown area offers so many opportunities to collaborate and engage with the Wilmington community, which is essential for my position!

Being in Wilmington has allowed me to network like crazy! Downtown Wilmington is packed with organizations and I’ve been able to meet so many new professionals. I have passions for advocacy and equity, working right next to the Community Service Building allows me to foster those passions as an Employee Experience Coordinator through volunteerism. Personally, I have had the opportunity to explore my creative side more while being in Wilmington. The city is packed with art and culture to explore!

The city of Wilmington is growing rapidly and I can only imagine what the future holds. But vast economic expansion in certain areas of Wilmington has gentrified other areas, and as the city continues to grow, it is essential to ensure residents are not negatively affected in the process. I would love to see a plan in place to avoid displacement, environmental hazards, and financial burdening of those already living in Wilmington before this expansion. I believe practicing through this plan is necessary to ensure equitable development.

Advice I would give to people living, working, or visiting Wilmington is to get out and explore! There are so many hidden gems around town. Support those small businesses!”

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