Mayor Purzycki and William Sullivan on Cheddar

Wilmington Mayor Purzycki and William Sullivan, Chairman of Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitors Bureau joined  Hena Doba at Cheddar to discuss President-Elect Joe Biden’s impact on the city. 

When asked about the identity of the city prior to the press attention of the Election, Mayor Purzycki touched on Wilmington’s past of being the corporate capital of the country but went on to say,  “We’ve had a dramatic resurgence on our riverfront, and our downtown, and throughout our neighborhoods. We have about 1500 apartments being built throughout the city- nightlife, restaurants,  great culture. So, the self-image of the city has been completely transformed.”

While also speaking about the identity of the city, William Sullivan said,  “We’re hoping that we can get through the pandemic and get to open in the spring and show everyone what Wilmington and New Castle County is all about… We’re looking forward to a lot more attention to the city.”

The interview went on to touch on what President-Elect Biden’s presence in public life has done for the perspective of the city, “There’s an intrigue about Wilmington… When people come, they’re generally really surprised at what a beautiful city we have.” Mayor Purzycki also spoke about what the future holds in store for the city. 

Watch the full video from Cheddar here

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