Kayaking on the Christina with Blue Rooster Co-Op

“What do you MEAN you can KAYAK on the CHRISTINA?!” was my first reaction to hearing about Blue Rooster Co-Op, an eco friendly kayaking company that does a bulk of its tours along the 14 mile span of the Christina River. We got out last week for a 2 mile stretch directly along the Riverfront, and there were moments I completely forgot where I was!

Owen Murphy of Blue Rooster Co-Op was so much fun to hang with!

Environmentally Conscious

This was the first season for Wilmington native, Owen Murphy. “Initially the company was started to offer a fun activity on a beautiful stretch of water. The plan was to create an excursion for a day out on the water kayaking with friends, and that initial reason has not changed at all. In addition to just having a great time on the water, our goal is to also help clean up the river and do our part to keep Wilmington clean.”

What really impressed me about Owen and Blue Rooster Co-Op is that they are passionate about making a difference on Delaware’s waterways. Throughout our tour, Owen would occasionally remove debris from the Christina River and put it in his kayak to take back to land. “We do independent clean ups (while in kayaks) and pull any debris out of the water. We are always looking for people to join us!”


The views while we were out there were incredible. It was so neat recognizing sites I’ve seen hundreds of times, but THIS time from a completely different angle. Like getting to float up against the Kalmar Nyckel, seeing Fort Christina Park and Fireboat 7 of Wilmington Fire. Coming around the bend to see Christina Landing, and then working our way up past Docklands, the Riverwalk, the Delaware Children’s Museum and Iron Hill made me truly appreciate our city and what it has to offer!

There were countless times I looked around and exclaimed “THIS is the RIVERFRONT?!”

A taco truck, but with kayaks”

Having fun!

Owen typically offers morning, afternoon, and evening sessions that run for 2.5 hours. He calls his business “like a taco truck, but with kayaks,” because THEY will come to YOU. The convenience of getting to pick where you begin makes it easy to access this excursion from wherever you like, as long as Owen can get there! He gives tours of groups up to 12, for ages 12 years and up.

Although this is definitely a seasonal excursion that will be wrapping up soon, Blue Rooster Co-Op has some huge goals for their 2nd season in 2021, “We are looking to increase our involvement with local communities. Get some locals in kayaks, get some areas cleaned up, and have some fun doing it!”

Check out that view of OUR city from the river!

If you have time in the next few weeks and want to enjoy the gorgeous fall weather, hit up Blue Rooster Co-Op before they fly the coop for 2020! What are some of your favorite fall excursions we need to go to before it gets too cold? Comment below and as always follow us on Facebook,Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter, and tag your captures with #ItsTimeWilmDE. We will see you at the next location!

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