It’s Time for Riverfront Pets!

O.M.G. I died and went to heaven (where all pets go, clearly) when I got to cover Riverfront Pets on the Riverfront!

Riverfront Pets will celebrate it’s 3rd anniversary on the Riverfront this December. They offer a wide selection of natural foods, toys, and apparel, as well as grooming services including baths, haircuts, nail trimmings, and ear cleanings.

Why the Riverfront? 

Laura and Clinton Gangloff chatted with me about Riverfront Pets.

Owners Laura and Clinton Gangloff were THE nicest people and were so accommodating. It’s clear they treat their customers (hairy or not) like they are their own friends. When asked why they chose the Riverfront for their business, Laura commented, “We moved here to downsize, and this is an intensely pet friendly neighborhood…so we really thought the place needed a pet destination.”

Pivoting Post Quarantine 

Of course I’ve been interested in how all businesses are pivoting at this time, and, when asked, Laura said, “We were extremely lucky and considered essential because we sell dog food. We had to eliminate…some services like training, and walking services took a hit because a lot of people work from home now. However we were able to keep grooming and retail going and we made it through.”

Clinton added, “Our customers have been fantastic and we’ve had a really loyal customer base which is just fabulous.”

Elba sat happily as Grooming Technician Desiree Pride gave her a make over.

“That’s a Good B-usiness”

It’s easy to see why their customers keep coming back! Riverfront Pets makes you instantly feel like home. I even got to sneak in the back while two pups were being groomed, Alba and Cooper.  Grooming technicians Desiree Pride and Gloria Ceja were incredibly friendly with Alba and Cooper, and Desiree’s pup Fig Newton was there closely monitoring. I even got to jump in at the Self Wash station and help Kirsten Pankowski give 4 month old German Shepherd Toph her first bath!

My pup Ruger LOVED the “Brew Biscuits” that are made IN HOUSE from spent beer grain from Stitch House on Market St.

I also learned that Riverfront Pets makes their own dog treats, using leftover ingredients like spent beer grain from Stitchhouse Brewery on Market Street, how PAWESOME is that local business tie?!

Whether or not you LIVE on the Riverfront, you NEED to check out Riverfront Pets. The treats I brought home for my dog, Ruger, were gobbled up in SECONDS. Also check out their Instagram and Facebook.

Is there another pet destination in the city we need to check out? Have you been to Riverfront Pets and loved a service they offer? Comment below or hashtag us in your post with #ItsTimeWilmDE and continue to follow me on Instagram , Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.  Check back on WilmToday for more blog posts and fun videos. View our vlog coverage of more cute pups at Riverfront Pets below! We will see you at the next location!

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