Joe Biden in Wilmington: “How do you know Joe?”

To celebrate becoming #HOTUS (Hometown of the United States) last month we launched our “How do you know Joe?” contest. It seems like everyone has a Biden story! Read the photo and story submissions from our community below.

Joe Biden


“My daughter & her father were at the gas station on PA Ave one night. Her father found he left his wallet at home, & told the cashier. He did not know Biden was behind him. Biden said, ‘Here is $20 for your gas sir.’

Not realizing it was Biden, her father thanked him. Our daughter saw Biden walk out after & said, ‘Dad there goes our Vice President!’ It was the same man that paid for their gas, & Biden didn’t mention who he was while doing it.”

-Anonymous submission


“This is a picture of my mother Kimberly, in kindergarten when President Biden was running for his first term in the State Senate — in the early 70s. He went to talk to her class at Christ Our King School. My mom is the little girl in the pink sweater sitting front row! I also had the privilege of meeting President Biden on many occasions at cross country meets and other times. One time that stands out to me is when he did his book tour after his Vice Presidency at the old Barnes and Noble on 202 (where Sprouts supermarket is located now). I met other Delawareans standing in the cold line as we waited patiently to get our books signed. I was getting my book signed to give as a gift to my grandmother. President Biden took the time to hand write a little note to my grandma, as he did with each person he met that day.” -Submitted by Sophie Simoes

“This letter inspired the establishment of LaFate Gallery, in 1993.”

LaFate Gallery had been commissioned to create art for the cover of Out & About magazine in the early 90’s. The then Delaware US Senator congratulated LaFate on her art in the letter to the left.

-Submitted by Eunice LaFate
Joe Biden and Toscana
“Here’s Joe & I at his home after Toscana catered Beau’s event to run for Attorney General. He came over at the end to thank us and tell us a story or 2. So gracious and so kind!” -Submitted by Christine Jennings

“The president walked the procession of St. Anthony’s Festival and past our store for many years!”

-Submitted by BMalloy882

“The attached Selfie with Joe Biden was taken at the Chase Center on the Riverfront, in January 2017, when we welcomed home, ‘Delaware’s Favorite Son’ after his serving 8 years as Vice President with President Obama.”

-Submitted by Eunice Lafate

Biden at high school graduation

“Joe Biden spoke at my high school graduation back in *cough*cough* 2002! That’s me on the right and my twin sister on the left! Both of us voted for Biden in the last election and seeing it come full circle was an amazing thing!”

-Submitted by Kearstin M.

“I was at work at Delaware Nature Society when we got a call that the Biden campaign team wanted to film a climate change promo on one of our sites! My colleague and I hurried over to Dupont Environmental Education Center to say hi, answer questions, and be in the B roll. Though she and I both are from out of state originally, we officially could call ourselves Delawareans after meeting Joe – a right of passage!

 Such a fun opportunity, and now an even cooler story to tell with President Biden championing climate change policy in his first 100 days.” -Submitted by Laura Miller

-Submitted by BMalloy882

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