Hometown Hero: Earl Cooper

The A.I. du Pont Graduate is a Golfer Who Gives Back.

The distinguished golfer was  youngest recipient named to Golf Digest’s best Young Teachers in America.

The 27-year-old Wilmington native has been a Delaware Junior Amateur champion, co-captain of Morehouse College’s national championship golf team, and a Top-25 finisher in the Delaware Open. Along with winning dozens of golf-related and academic awards during his school years.

Yet with all his talent and success, Cooper still turns his greatness into gratefulness.
 “Paying it forward is something I truly believe is my duty, since I wouldn’t be where I am without people doing that for me. I feel I need to be the change you want to see.” -Earl Cooper. Image from MainLineToday.com

He makes sure to give back for the opportunities and funding he was afforded along the way. “I have seen the sacrifices my family had to make so I could practice and go on golf trips,” Cooper says. “I’ve been given great things, and the motivation to give back came from them.”

Cooper recently took a job with Wilmington Mayor Michael Purzycki’s office, working on community outreach and with the Department of Parks and Recreation, where he hopes to develop golf and other programs for the city. “I see myself as a bridge from what I have been given to what I can get done now to bring new people of all kinds to golf, whether it’s minorities or women or seniors,” he says. “The game needs to grow, and we need to reach people we aren’t reaching or haven’t reached yet.”

Interestingly, Cooper will publish his third children’s book later this year. During his senior year, he published his first book – “Hello, Maroon Tiger!” – introducing elementary-age kids to college by following the mascot’s adventures through the Morehouse campus. He wrote a second, similar book – “Baby Bison’s First Homecoming” – for Howard University. His third book will be his first with Delaware as the backdrop and will include original art by a Delaware artist.

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Original article from MainLineToday.com

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