#PeopleOfWilmDE: Adrian Carn

Adrian Carn is the Founder and CEO of Just Because and Just A Touch, Inc., and is this week’s #PeopleOfWilmDE! Read her story here. 

“I have lived and worked in Wilmington my entire life. I grew up on the North side of Wilmington on 22nd and Spruce St. Coming from a large family, my siblings and cousins spent most of our summer days in Prices Park. We were raised by our great-grandmother, Nancy Robinson, and grew up in a time when the community was our family. 

Life has been full of twists and turns, however, I am grateful that God has been with me every step of the way.  Through every obstacle, I stood on the foundation that began on Spruce Street as I climbed every brick that was thrown my way. This year, as I turned 52, I began to reflect on the journey I have traveled thus far.  Through every loss and heartache, I have done my best to fulfill the promise I made to my city. My goal is to make a difference in the life of at least one person with each endeavor. I am committed to my community, and to doing my part to make it the best city to live in! 

Six years ago I founded Just Because, an outreach ministry providing support to the city of Wilmington. We provide toiletries, clothing, food, and basic necessities to the homeless and those needing a hand-up. We also host an event for our senior population which includes movies, games, and lunch. This allows them an opportunity to get out and socialize.

I am very family-oriented and love spending time with my family. Walter’s Steakhouse has been a go-to for many of our family celebrations from birthdays to anniversaries or simply a night out. A delicious dinner and a wonderful event at The Grand Opera House is a perfect night out for me.

For me, Wilmington is the central hub of everything and made me who I am today. I believe it is part of my responsibility to continue to pour back into the community in any way I can.

The Riverfront is an exciting highlight for me right now.  Watching it grow over the years has been amazing!  Another program that has been exciting is the activity at the Wilmington Public Library. Bringing relevance to heritage and encouraging positivity is something that is definitely needed in our community.

As the city continues to grow, I would love to see more resources available for those in need. Training for employment and financial stability are at the top of my list. There are many who have fallen on hard times and feel there is no way out or nowhere to go from their unexpected situation. Programming to assist in these areas will help provide hope and support demonstrating this is just a temporary space that can be overcome. More programs for our youth are a must as well. Growing up in Wilmington, I was always a part of the summer youth program and I believe that was instrumental in preparing me for adulthood. 

In addition, more mentorship programs would be beneficial for our youth. Having a tangible example with the thought process of ‘if you can see it, you can be it’ at the forefront will help guide our youth back to the idea of positive and achievable goals. 

My advice to Wilmingtonians is this: take time out to smell the roses. Wilmington has been known to get a ‘bad wrap’, however there are so many beautiful things to see in Wilmington. Research our history, explore downtown, and enjoy our artistic community. Don’t be in such a rush to leave, but contribute to making Wilmington great!” 

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