8 facts you didn’t know about our President and Wilmington

Wilmington, Delaware is the hometown of the 46th President of the United States Joe Biden, but everyone already knows that! So here are a few facts about our President and his time in Wilmington that you probably don’t know (unless, you’re a diehard!)

1. He’s a foodie!
Biden at the gas station on Delaware Ave
2. He once paid for someone’s gas on Delaware Avenue!
  • A father and daughter were at the gas station on PA Ave when the father realized he left his wallet at home! Not saying who he was, a man said, “Here is $20 for your gas sir”. As that man was walking out the daughter noticed it was Biden during the time he served as VP!
3. Reverend Otis Herring – Logan Herring of REACH Riverside’s Grandfather was one of his first supporters!
  • Reverend Otis Herring, a prominent community leader, had a great relationship with our President! He was one of the first African American community leaders to endorse Biden in his political career!
4. Biden used The Queen as his go-to spot for news conferences!
  • During the election Biden used The Queen as his home base for all things television! He filmed everything from news conferences to TV commercials at The Queen and he even taped his interview with CBS’s Norah O’Donnell for a big profile story on “60 Minutes” there. While at The Queen the Biden Transition Team often ordered take-out from Bardea Food & Drink
5. Biden played football as a wide receiver at Archmere Academy outside of Wilmington growing up!
  • Biden was a star football player! One year, he even scored 24 points through four conference games and 60 points total which put him amongst the highest scorers in the state of Delaware during his time at Archmere Academy!
Photo from: Delaware Humane Association
6. One of his favorite jobs was working at a public pool in Wilmington!
  • Biden worked at the pool known as Prices Run Park, at the time, as a college student. He became the pool’s only white lifeguard during the era of civil rights riots. He said he learned a lot about Wilmington’s African American community from other lifeguards during his time there. 
7. WBW Rail Car One Beer was named in honor of his love for Amtrak!
  • Biden rode the Amtrak every day for about 36 years! He took the Amtrak to and from Washington (which is about a 90 minute ride!) so he could be home with his boys! Wilmington Brew Works released Rail Car One to commemorate the First President from Delaware!
8. His dog “Major” was rescued from the Delaware Humane Association!
  • In 2018 the Biden family adopted Major, a German Shepherd puppy from the Delaware Humane Association, in Wilmington after they fostered the puppy for a few months! Major was surrendered from a life-threatening home and now lives a happy life with the Biden family!

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