Today, it is time for the story of Wilmington to be told. Highlighting what makes Wilmington great, Wilmington.love will share the stories of residents who make Wilmington a better place and shine a light on our hidden gem of a city.

Summarized from the article “‘It’s Time’: Wilmington returns to ‘power of the people’ mentality to help tell its story” on wdel.com

Unveiled in Rodney Square Friday as part of a “Wilmington Love community celebration,” the message aims to instill pride in Wilmingtonians.

The far-reaching, grassroots campaign will tell residents’ stories and highlight the efforts of those who aim to make the city a better place through video and narratives on a variety of platforms. City officials said the campaign will also share those stories with audiences regionally, nationally, and globally.

Mayor Mike Purzycki, who gave a sneak peek of Wilmington Love on WDEL, two weeks ago, said the campaign will be aimed at projecting the city in a more positive light “[so] that everyone has a greater appreciation–locally and nationally–for Wilmington and its people.”

“From this point forward, more people will know about a different kind of Wilmington, which is the one we know–a city that is proud, and welcoming, and hard-working…intent on preserving its neighborhoods, culture, and diversity in order to create more opportunities for renewal,” said Purzycki.

Governor John Carney, a Wilmington resident, said he’s excited for a place he’s called home the past three decades.

“You can feel the momentum and progress in communities throughout our city,” said Carney. “It’s true that, as goes Wilmington, so goes our state. Wilmington is Delaware’s economic capital, and we all have a stake in its success. I’m pleased to be joining all of our public and private sector partners in helping to tell the story of our city.”

Read Delaware Governor John Carney’s Op-Ed – It’s Time Wilmington, Delaware

Purzycki said the campaign is supported by the private sector, from which donations have totaled more than $500,000 from companies like Capital One Community Services Corporation (CSC), Barclays, Chemours, Incyte, Epic Research, JP Morgan Chase, and WSFS. The state contributed $50,000 to the campaign while the city pledged $70,000. It’s unclear whether the city incurred additional costs to develop or launch the marketing campaign or its associated platforms.

The mayor added the campaign, which consists of websites Wilmington.Love and #WilmToday, does not replace the community-driven efforts of InWilm but instead will complement it.

Citizens are encouraged to participate and share their stories through this portal. Photos or videos that residents would like to be a part of the campaign can submit them here. Stories can also be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using #WilmingtonLove and #ItsTimeWilmDE.

If you see a W sculpture, take a selfie and post with #Pride4Wilm and you just might win a prize.


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