It’s Time to Tell the Story of Wilmington’s Rejuvenation

Mark Turner, CEO of WSFS and Rob Ward, CEO of CSC publically provided their take of #ItsTimeWilmDE and why they are contributing to this campaign. Both are excited to take part in and the “It’s Time” marketing efforts to highlight what makes Wilmington great.

This article is from the op-ed on Delaware Online.

Last week we witnessed something beautiful. Hundreds of Wilmingtonians came together in Rodney Square to rally around our city and mark the launch of the city’s new campaign: It’s Time.

The It’s Time launch was celebrated by fellow Wilmingtonians, in person and online, and covered in newspapers in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Wilmington is a pretty humble town — we don’t like to brag, we just quietly get our work done. And yes, we have a lot of the same challenges that other cities have.

But the truth is, great things are happening in Wilmington, every day. And the reason is because neighbors work together and community groups work hard to solve these problems.

So it’s time we stood up with pride and gave each other a helping hand. It’s time we put some resources behind telling our story.

It’s Time is a grassroots marketing campaign to promote our wonderful Wilmington, through stories told by its people. Some people might wonder who’s paying for the resources to promote our city and the hard work of the people who live, work, and play here. We would like to shed some light on that.

Our companies are two of many Delaware companies proud to support this campaign. We are part of a public-private-partnership — in coordination with the city of Wilmington, the state of Delaware, and other local business and community groups — to help tell the story of Wilmington’s rejuvenation.

We are all betting on Wilmington. We rave about this city, and now we’re making real investments — in the people of Wilmington. In essence, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. We see the momentum here, and we want to be part of the story of a resurgence in Wilmington.

This public-private cooperation is something about which we should all be proud. Many cities and counties are quick to spend taxpayer dollars and then have trouble soliciting private investment. Wilmington is different. Corporate sponsors were involved from the outset, which speaks volumes about how excited we all are for this city.

You’ve probably already seen some of the work underway — the social media presence including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and the website, You may have noticed the first giant ‘W’ on Rodney square. We also have new TV shows debuting this fall that will highlight the stories of Wilmingtonians.

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more. It’s time.

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