Wilmington YCD Program to Employ 275 Young Workers Through Bank of America Grant

The City of Wilmington proudly announced the latest installment of its transformative initiative, the 2023 Youth Career Development Program (YCD). This forward-thinking program is geared towards equipping the city’s young residents with essential work skills. These will guide a prosperous career and a promising future. This year, the program has received an extraordinary boost, a $100,000 grant from the esteemed Bank of America. This generous contribution will facilitate the employment of up to 275 youth in a diverse array of professions and internships.

Bank of America location in Wilmington.

Beyond the financial contribution, Bank of America brings a unique and invaluable dimension to the YCD. The Better Money Habits® financial literacy sessions expose all participants in the YCD program to crucial insights into managing finances. These sessions unpack complex financial concepts such as budgeting, credit building, borrowing strategies, investments, and more. The sessions not only empower the youth with financial knowledge but also make the learning experience enjoyable. As participants earn initial paychecks, they are simultaneously gaining knowledge and receiving practical tools, enabling them to establish financial goals.

Mayor Mike Purzycki of Wilmington expressed profound gratitude for Bank of America’s steadfast commitment to the program. He emphasized the impact that the institution’s support has had on both the YCD program and the teenagers it serves. Mayor Purzycki stated, “Bank of America’s continued support over the last seven years has been impactful for the program and our teens. We appreciate the bank’s generosity and commitment to our City and residents.”

The substantial grant from Bank of America forms part of the bank’s wider philanthropic endeavors, which are aimed at fostering progress in local communities. The bank chooses beneficiaries carefully based on their dedication to meeting fundamental needs and nurturing workforce development for individuals and families.

“The City of Wilmington’s Youth Career Development program is a long-term commitment to invest in our future workforce and create opportunities to help youth thrive,” said Chip Rossi, President of Bank of America Delaware. “The city is advancing racial equality and economic opportunity in our community and having a tremendous positive impact on the next generation.”

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