Wilmington Shows Leadership in Effort to Educate 100% of Employees in the Principle of Ethics

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki recently announced that all full-time employees in City Government have completed extensive ethics training in the 2022 fiscal year as offered by the City’s Independent Ethics Commission

Wilmington Ethics Commission (2017)

Mayor Purzycki commented, “At the start of my Administration in 2017, we reconstituted the City’s Ethics Commission so that as we strived to achieve excellence in public service, we would conduct ourselves and the business of City government with the highest standards of accountability, principle, integrity, and values… Thanks to the work of the members of the Ethics Commission and the Department of Human Resources we have embraced ethics and the importance of ethical practices in government as never before.”

The training was provided both in-person and virtually and included a wide variety of important ethical topics such as abuse of office, receiving of gifts, prohibited political activities, conflict of interest, and a review of the City’s Code of Ethics. Employees were encouraged to reach out to supervisors, the Ethics Commission, or the Law Department with questions or concerns regarding ethical dilemmas or potential violations to supplement their learning. The next training period will be offered in March of 2023.

The Wilmington Ethics Commission is comprised of seven Wilmingtonians who implement the City’s ethics requirements. The Commission is an independent organization that has a party balance requirement and meets once per month. The Commission is responsible for educating City workers on ethical practices and does so largely through the aforementioned training program.

The Department of Human Resources received a personal thank you from Commissioner Chari Faith Meisinger-Petit for their outstanding administration of the program. The support of the Mayor and City Council is representative of the tremendous commitment to ethics in Wilmington’s governing bodies.

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