Having Trouble Managing & Retaining the Millennial Workforce?

A common view about the millennial generation is that they can be difficult to engage and retain as employees. The stereotype suggests that they rapidly hop from one job to another, and companies that hire them grumble about bad attitudes and high employee churn.

Millennials join organizations expecting to learn and develop skills, become part of a team, and to satisfy economic and social needs. When organizations consistently fail to address those needs, people typically disengage and ultimately defect. Being able to connect and motivate this generation will be key for the success of organizations in the not so distant future.

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The Millennial Summit, on August 1st at the Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington, is Delaware’s first young professional development conference. With over 80 organizations sending employees (including the likes of Google and Microsoft) this event is perfect for young professionals looking to accelerate their careers, as well as employers and human resource managers looking to gain insight into what Millennials value in an employer.

A few of the organizations with employees in attendance.
Discussion Topics and Breakout Sessions at the Millennial Summit
  • How To Craft Your Personal Brand
  • Diversity as an Asset
  • How Can We Make The Arts Relevant to Millennials
  • Business as a Force for Good: Green Technology & Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Building and Expanding Leadership as a Strategy for Community‐wide Impact
  • iMap Your Life
  • Passion into Progress: How Nonprofit Involvement Can Help Make a Meaningful Impact in Your Career
  • How Millennials Want to Live and Work
  • Re‐imagining Delaware and Beyond
  • Confidence = Impact (and How Public Speaking Can Help)
  • Leading With Purpose: The Next Generation of Government Leaders
  • Sparking a Movement: Galvanizing the Next Generation for Social Change
  • Leadership Disrupted: The Millennial Mindset and the New Corporate Culture
  • Engaged and Empowered: The Next Generation of Government Leaders
  • Purposeful Impact: Focusing How We Lead, Work, and Innovate
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