ThruPore Moves to New Castle County

Innovate chemistry lab ThruPore is moving to Newark, DE to continue its rapid growth within the air filtration industry. The company, founded by current President and CEO Dr. Franchessa Sayler, is currently located in Delaware and Alabama. The jobs in Alabama will be relocated to Delaware, and an additional 55 positions are expected to be added through 2024. 

To accelerate ThruPore’s growth in Delaware, two government grants totaling $564,090 were given to the company: a Jobs Performance Grant and Lab Space Grant, the latter of which is part of the state’s new $3 million initiative to develop laboratories and technology spaces. Additionally, state funds from the CARES Act were invested in the company, betting on continued success of their innovative Dr. Filter product.

“Delawareans joke about knowing everyone in the state, but the key here is that the people in Delaware take the time to get to know each other and keep that personal information at the top of their mind,” Dr. Sayler said. “They use this information to make decisions in their daily lives about where they can help others, whether that’s by providing expertise, resources or legislation. It is really a beautiful thing, and I am excited to become a bigger part of the Delaware ecosystem.”

ThruPore started out developing highly porous synthetic carbon catalyst products for large chemical companies, pivoting to HVAC filters over the course of the coronavirus pandemic. The resulting Dr. Filter device kills 99.99% of airborne viruses, including COVID-19. Four patents have been filed for the product; it is pending EPA approval, expected this summer. 

“Wet-lab-based companies provide great jobs and contribute to the valuable research and development activity that drives innovation economies such as ours,” said Governor John Carney. “The Lab Space Grant program was created to support companies like ThruPore, enabling them to scale up, deliver on their potential and create highly valuable long-term assets – including good-paying jobs in a key industry sector – for Delaware’s innovation ecosystem.”

Delaware Prosperity Partnership, which leads Delaware’s economic development efforts to attract, grow and retain businesses, expressed excitement for the move. “Funding ThruPore epitomizes the goal of the Lab Space Grant program to support companies that need larger wet lab spaces so that they can scale up here in Delaware,” said Ariel Gruswitz, Director of Innovation for DPP. “Their growth brings high-quality jobs and investment in priority industry and technology markets to Delaware’s economy and significant talent and mentoring to its community of science and technology innovators.”

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