Registration Opens for Wilmington’s 2021 Youth Career Development Program

The registration period for the 2021 Youth Career Development Program is open! The summer session will begin on June 21. Through the program, the city will again employ hundreds of youths this summer in numerous professions and internships within the city of Wilmington’s government as well as in the business and community sectors. 

Those interested in summer employment must apply online or by using their smartphone by April 2, 2021. Once an account is created and the registration is received by YCD staff, the applicant will be scheduled for an intake appointment to review the application and required documents.

To be eligible for the 2021 Youth Career Development Program, applicants must:

  • be between the ages of 14 and 21
  • complete the online/mobile phone registration
  • meet residency and job-eligibility requirements which can also be found online
  • pass all background checks and drug screenings
  • arrange for direct deposit of their paychecks

2021 Youth Career Development participants can apply for one of at least 100 internship positions. The application deadline is Friday, April 2. Internship partners include:

  • United Way
  • 4 Youth Productions
  • Interfaith Housing
  • Freedom School
  • University of Delaware-Green Jobs
  • City of Wilmington Art Works

Youth workers will be assigned a career mentor during the six-week program, and after successful completion will receive a letter of recommendation from their employer.

Workforce Track

The workforce track will consist of approximately 350 entry-level jobs that are available in diverse businesses and agencies throughout the community. The deadline for applications is Friday, April 2. Partner worksites include:

  •  The City of Wilmington
  • William Hicks Anderson Community Center
  • Catering Connections
  • Babe Styling Salon
  • Delaware College of Art and Design
  • the DuPont Environmental Education Center
  • Southbridge Neighborhood House
  • Girls Inc.
  • the Walnut YMCA
  • Shop Rite
  • Teen Warehouse
  • Urban Artist Exchange
  • the Riverfront Development Corporation
  • R.E. Williams Tax Accountants, Inc.
  • Congo Funeral Home 

The Parks and Recreation Department will hold intake sessions by appointment only after the online application has been successfully submitted.  YCD 2021 is conducted in partnership with the Delaware Department of Labor.

 For more information and to apply, click here.

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